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I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster. Overly sensitive and moody. I’m trying to chalk it up to hormones and aunt flo. But it could very well be this bullshyt they call winter.

I don’t do well w/ continous grey days, snow, ice, and frigid temps. I long to wear open toe shoes and a sun dress or a tank and capris.

I want the sun on my face, beating down on my back until my skin starts to tingle. I want to leave a building and start to defrost from the a/c.

No tights under my pants, no socks, no fleece, no hats, no scarves, no ice scrapers, no defrost,no heaters

instead I want..
Ice cream lunches, picnics in the park, kids running barefoot, being chased by ian bc I stuffed ice under his shirt, rainbows, sudden spring showers, barbques, camping out on the deck w a book, sleeping w/o clothes under just a sheet and a fan, mosquitos, outdoor concerts and events, flowers, paddleboat rides, windows open, breeze blowing, music in the air…

Winter last too damn long,,,
I’m distracted
Easily irritated
Just generally in a foul mood.

Talked to my dad earlier, in this way we are similiar… we both are lovers of the sun/water/summer/spring/
We are both cancers
We are both homesick
We are both plotting an escape out of the tundras we currently call home.

Lately my prayers have gon something like this..
Thank you for this day. But does it REALLY have to be THIS cold? Is the snow/ice/below50 temps really necessary? I mean I know you are running ish and I prolly shouldn’t be questioning your seasons, but dang! I’m not feeling this winter stuff. *sigh* thank you for my ian, my friends in real life and online, and my family. Meet our needs. Bless us according to your plan. And if I have any kinda rank b/c of good deeds done can you hook a sistah up with some 60’s today? In jesus name amen

Now after typing that out I see why He been ignoring my ass.


  1. I don’t like winter either. But at least I’m in the ATL. It rarely snows or ices up down in these parts. And if there is even a whiff of a possibility of snow or ice, then the whole city shuts down..

    God never ignores you, my dear… and I like how you wove a little thanksgiving all up in that mean-mugging prayer of yours!!

  2. Can’t imagine it being that cold, I would be grey too. We are having a stinker of a summer this time, parts of Australia were 46 degrees celcius yesterday! Approx 115 fahrenheit

  3. lmao @ the last line…

    at least you recognize.

    That’s why I love TX, well, until those hot summer months, then I become moody, irritable, and want to bite someone’s, anyone’s head off.

  4. Awwww. woo woo woo (((HUGS)

    Now that that’s out of the way. Am I the only black person that likes the winter? LMAO!! j/k I hate summer but Z is like you….loves it! I don’t function well if I sweat when I walk.

  5. It’s call cabin fever dear and you need to get out and make the most of the winter. Find a group to hang out with be it sewing, knitting, girls night out or something. You’ll feel better.

    Take from a lifelong Chicagoan. It happens and you learn to deal with it. I found many ways and if you need anymore suggestions you know where to find me.

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