how bout a vent to start your day?

Weekend plans?

This morning I got an invite to a birthday party at one of the clubs here, it’s a 25 and up club. The invite was for ian and i. So I forwarded him the text and he ignored it. I talked to him later and he starts talking about going to dinner. So I asked him did he not want to go the party. He says “you know you dont have to go to everything youre invited to”. WTF I cant tell you the last time i’ve been a party/club/out drinking/dancing solo OR with him. I was invited to a launch party tuesday and asked him if he wanted to go he said no, got a headache and went got in the bed. I ended up not going.
I told him this morning, SOMETIMES i want to do more that go to the movies, go out to eat, and go shopping. Its not like stl is overflowing with ish to do. And while i comfortable enough to do some things by myself, going to a party where i only know ONE person (the host) is not something i’m comfortable with. I dont have many friends/associates here and those that i do have, have a penchant for flaking out at the last minute. He said something about it being a young teenybopper crowd. The party is for a 30 y/o. And SO WHAT if is a younger crowd, when you dont have a crowd of your own to be in, sometimes ANY crowd will do. I didnt say we had to stay out all night, i didnt say we had to dance, or drink. We can still do dinner before or after. I’m a very social person and i like being WITH people who are having fun. i’m frustrated. i’m lonely. and ish like this makes me wish i was home or at least in a city where i knew a few people who didn’t mind going out and having a good time.
I’ve resorted to asking a few of my coworkers that I BARELY associate with if they had plans and if they would like to come. I’m frustrated… VERY frustrated.. like bout to cry frustrated…
When I get home i’m going to find the nicest piece of clothing i possess, shower and lotion up. And i’m going SOMEWHERE where people under 3′ are not allowed… SOLO if I have to


  1. I so feel you on this one Ms. Patrice. Being a social person myself, I understand that sometimes you just want to go out there to mingle and just be with other folks around you…

    But I know Ian will come around. Or maybe one of your friend won’t be a flake this time?

    By all means hang in there Hun.

    Happy Friday? šŸ™‚

  2. Are we married to the same person? j/k LOL But my dh is the same exact way. He never wants to think or do anything outside the box – then he has the nerve to want to get a stank attitude when I go do something with the girls. Girl, I say go out and have a good time.

  3. Yeah, sometimes you just need to get out, listen to some music, people watch…switch it up a bit.

    Too bad you don’t have the group of girlfriends you know are always down for a party. šŸ™

    Have fun, I am going out tomorrow night and I can’t wait.

  4. Allz you gotta do is go through your closet and pull OUT that freakum’ dress with a pair of fcuk me pumps.

    Giiiiirl…I betchu any amount of money Ian will wanna go then. [LOL]

  5. Yeah dh is the same way sometimes. Too bad you are not surrounded by girlfriends, but hell you can make some. I hope you go.

    Oh and laying on the ground crying and acting like a two year old sometimes work. Ask me how I know….that’s how I got the trip to the mountains, now he loves it and tell everyone about the mountains and how they should go…ain’t that some ish.

  6. I say go out and make some new friends then you will have someone or two. You’re very social and I’m sure you will have a good time one way or another.

    Keep your head up and don’t let Ian get to you. It’s just not his crowd. It’s better to leave him at home than to drag him out and have him miserable.

  7. Awwww, poor baby!!!! I hope you were able to go, or did something to make the weekend enjoyable.

    I can relate because here in Denver there is NEVER anything to do. We’re not really the club type, I out grew that in my early 30’s. It would be different if you could go to the club and be guaranteed no drama, but now days that’s rare.

    I don’t know why I thought there was TONS to do in STL. I don’t know why since I’ve never been. Silly me.

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