I’m tossing up a new post b/c I’m sick of the other one being up. Lol I went to the party sans hubby. Had a drink called “kuna matata”. Juked to some reggae, did the 2step, sang happy birthday, bobbefd my head to biggie, shook my ass to some dance track i’d never heard. Gave the twiceover to Rambo the security guard who showed me how to get upstairs (he was foine), danced some more. Shook my head at the chosen attire for some of the ladies! (Not necessarily in that order) drove home. Stripped out of my smoky clothes at the washer, washed my face and wiped my body down (I don’t like getting in bead dirty). Snatched my pillow from under ians head, (giggles) and was out before my head hit the pillow.
Thanks for reading my rant friday and being supportive 🙂

This week I have shyt to do!
Beginning of the month stuff at work.
This weeks assignments for school,
next weeks assignments for school.
sew my “party dress”,
sew a black button down, and one other top. Finish the sleeves on green gable.
Start packing
Make some very important phone calls
Pick a project for the road
Go see Clarence for some shoes.

I may or may not be around.

Hopefully I can find a groove and get it all done.


  1. Good for you on going without Ian. It sounds like you had a good time. Good for you! You post sounds upbeat.

    Hope your week continues to be a good one!

  2. Hey, where are you going now? Glad you had a good time at the party. Check you out, not the once over, but the twice over. Hilarity. You’re funny, chica. Can’t wait to see your finished products. I know I’ll be drooling over them. Don’t start the may or may not be around noise – don’t you have the iphone or blackberry or one of those phones – no excuse missy! LOL

  3. No pics of said attire?

    Oh I have something sarcastic but I’m going to keep it to myself.

    Glad you had fun. Is the video up on PatriceTube yet? You haven’t been updating it lately.

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