help! please?

Just notice a scratch on my G1, the 1st of many I’m sure.

Last night I dreamed about cash to debt ratios, accounts receivables turnover, and equity. I can not for the life of me figure out how to complete the 2 remaining entries on this balance sheet. ARGGH! I know the solution is staring me in the face, I just can’t see it.
I am so annoyed with myself. Guess I’ll have to stalk the professor b/c I NEED to know.

I have sooo much to do in less than a week.

Ian told me I looked very professional today. Its the cardigan.

That’s it for now… going pay for my food and head to class.

Anyone really good in Financial Management/completing balance sheets from ratios, email me please. I seriously need help.


  1. Sorry about the scratch. Do you have a case or something you can keep it in or is it on the screen? I keep my BB in a gel case.

    Can’t help ya sistah!! Sorry! Hope you get it figured out.

    Was breakfast good??

    We are >>>>>HERE<<<<< with having a lot to do..

    Let me get back to mine now…

  2. Sorry to hear about the scratch. I use a cover over my phone. I thought about getting an InvisibleShield or something for it but it seems like too much work and waiting a day for everything to dry probably isn’t going to happen. Maybe get a skin or cover for it?

    I always used the formulas in the books to complete those problems. I don’t remember any of them by heart though. Sorry.

  3. That’s one reason I switch my major from accounting. All that accounts receivable/payables, making sure it balances out crap was too much for me. After 3 classes of accounting and dealing with balance sheets, I switch majors. Sorry I can’t help ya.

  4. Hate to hear boutcha phone chic…well, hate that I can’t help you with your ratios either…Damn. I’m no help to you today. Wish you luck!!

  5. Im taking accounting too. I hate it but so far I been doing good. I stalk my teacher so they can remember me during grade time and pass me. lol They can’t never say I didn’t try cause I bugg the hell out of them.

  6. You need to walk away sometimes from your homework. Trust me I know. If you walk away and try not to worry about it (I know it’s hard) it will come to you. Sometimes you get a brain overload. It happens. If you can’t figure it out go see the teacher and make sure you have some suggested answers and why you don’t think they work. They really like to hear you tried to figure it out instead of just giving up. It gives you credibility.

    Hang in there.

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