brain dump

There is something wicked going on in my head. I’ve taken my bp meds, tylenol, drank a coke, and my head STILL hurts!

Dreamed this weekend I met up w some friends and ended up chatting it up w some guy. I wouldn’t give him my number but when he asked for a hug, I figured what the hell and leaned over to gvie him one. WHY did he ejaculate on himself. In the dream I was screaming ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Over and over again. I told ian about the dream, he said it meant that I shouldn’t hug guys. Lol

I’m pushing myself unneccesarily BUT I’m going to try and squeeze ONE MO top out.. hopefully tonight when I get home.

Managerial accounting is fun. Financial accounting sucks monkey balls.

I scored big time this weekend. Kenneth Cole peeptoe spectator pumps FORTY DOLLARS. That made me feel GOOD

I’m jealous that ian is home on vacay and I’m stuck at work.

In songs, they sing about jesus being the wheel in the middle of a wheel. My question is WHY is Jesus a wheel in the 1st place?

Nike makes some pretty comfy tennis.

When I orgasm my headache goes away.

Sometimes I wish I could tell me clients to fuck off.

2 freaking days!!!!

Katy Perry is my favorite artist at the moment.

What DAHEll happen to Rihanna and Chris?!

Ok going do something constructive



    Does that mean you can’t hug T? LOL

    I’m only making one more top as well. HOPEFULLY lol

    Still ain’t saw this shoe! <_<

    Umm then you know what you need to do to make your headache go away right? RIGHT.


    SMH at that WHOLE situation!!

    BYE! LOL

  2. Girl…why my sister waking me up with text messages about Chris and Rhi Rhi…I don’t even like those children.

    I can’t answer your question, but now I can’t stop singing, “he’s the wheel, in the middle of the wheel”, lol.

  3. If your head is hurting like that you probably should go see someone.

    LMAO your dream. EWWWW!!!

    Umm, I haven’t heard anything about Chris Brown and Rhianna. I’m guessing there not together anymore.

  4. That’ll show you. Next time give the guy your number. I hope you at least offered to pay his dry cleaning.

    She borrowed his mascara and left the top off. Since it was the 3rd time in as many weeks he decided to teach her a lesson. If she takes him back baby mama #3 and lower will get promotions.

  5. I think your headache is all about stress. One of those that will NOT go away until all the stress causing shit does. Like my neck pain. It will be with me until my kids are out the house, I’m getting regular sex, my bank account is full, and nothing around the house is broken.

    I’m with Ian, don’t go huggin no dudes.

  6. He jacked on you?! HIGHLY GROSS!!

    Glad your headache went away. Chex is good for colds too! *wink wink*

    I wanna see your new shoes!

    For some reason I can’t walk in Nike’s…like walk for exercise. They make my arch hurt. Otherwise they feel fine.

    It sucks having to be professional. Sometimes people just need to hear a good phuck you to straighten up and fly right. lol

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