just a quick note

To say I’m back in stl.
We had soooooo much fun, ate sooooo much foood, and drank soooo much drink.

I’ll have pics up sometime this week. Had to hit the ground running. Work/school

Tomorrow is our 9 yr wedding anniversary, so I may or may not be around.

Hope u all had a great weekend and that ur week is off to a great start.


  1. 9 years? I don’t know why I thought ya’ll were still newlyweds. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! May you two have many more years to love and cherish one another.

  2. I was in the N.O. this weekend. Was you the one I saw at “We Never Close” or at “Rodneys sno balls”?.

    LOL!! (Yeah, bet you know about that… it ain’t the same as before the storm, though).

    I ain’t from there. Lived in New Orleans East for 2.5 years doing a post-doc. But i miss that good food, chile. Was just hanging out after my cruise.

    9 years. That is great. Awesome, Ma!! You and Ian, keep doing what you do. Happy Anniversary and many many more!!!!!

  3. I hope to hear about all the fun and good times soon! I can’t wait until after your anniversary.

    Congratulations on your celebratrion.

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