it’s hump day…

And I want to hump somebody! Lol I’m just kidding… a little

Hey people how dahell are you? Y’all haven’t been blogging so I don’t know.

Today is ash wednesday, I’m not catholic but I like the principle behind it. So I’m giving up something that I love. I’ve already had to check myself. This is going to be a long 40days.

Ummm, school is not my friend this semester. I mean I’m doing ok. I’m just not enjoying my classes like last semester. I’m officially on a countdown for springbreak and summer.

My family is in a holding pattern. There are decisions that need to be made. But we aren’t sure which route to take. So for the next 40days, the hubby and I will be praying and waiting on an answer.

Umm, ever be so tired that you don’t have to energy to have sex? Yea, that’s where I am. I want it. Just don’t want to work for it. Lol imma get me some tonight though. Hope he doesn’t work too hard today.

Oh! What’s the deal with all my sex bloggers blogging about sex aids and books and not sex?! *eyeroll*

I think the weather is finally starting to change. Come on Spring!

Who else is sick of ChRihanna? That’s what I thought. Bytches get they ass kicked everyday and we (society) turn our heads and ignore the shyt. But b/c THIS bytch sang, it’s an EXTRA travesty. GTFOOH and off my t.v./radio/internet

I have the latest issue of Playboy in my purse. I will be reading this shortly πŸ™‚

Ummm my husband has rejoined the modern world of technology. He has a full qwerty phone again and lemme tell you, bro been making full use of it. Lol he all on twitter and talking bout he finna be a blogger. Lol. He’s silly as hell.

I stumbled upon some new natural hair blogs. I’m feeling all inspired and stuff and thang! Going to New Dawn today and get some shea butter and coconut oil.

Where dahell are my girl scout cookies!?!

That’s all I got…

I hope all of you who read this blog are having a great day πŸ™‚


  1. Why your site doesn’t remember me when I’m on my phone?!

    I’m with you on the long 40 days. That’s why we are gonna help each other lol.

    Hang in there with school.

    We are praying with yall. You know how we do. JUST SPEAK IT :).

    I’ve been there @ sex.

    SMH @ sex bloggers lol.

    YAY Spring!


    Lawd @ Ian lol.

    Go head with yo natural hair. I NEED chemicals in my life lol.

    I don’t want a GS cookie!

    Ok…bye! Lol

  2. I wanna hump someone. I can’t wait to get home today. lol

    I’m fine. I just don’t seem to have shat to blog about other than youtube foolishness and the wiz. Maybe I’ll gain some inspiration today. lol

    I haven’t observed lent since I was a teenager. I know there’s plenty I should give up but I don’t wanna. I’m so bad. lol

    I got my GS cookies. I messed up and reading the food information on the side of the box of my Samoas. Tell me why TWO of those sap suckas are 150 calories!! Da hell??!!

  3. I read somewhere that they’re often paid to do those reviews or do them in the hope of getting paid. Who knows maybe the sex blog well is dry too.

    I’ve been there but last time I was that tired she basically took what she wanted and left me sucking my thumb and crying like a baby.

    Which bitch were you talking about Chris or Rihanna?

    I haven’t seen any Girl Scouts either. The local news says their sales haven’t been good at all this year.

  4. Girl, I got half a box of Thin Mints stashed on the top shelf at home, all the other boxes are gone with the wind! I am thinking about what I can give up for Lent for 40 days but can’t think of anything. I will think some more. My sex life is good but I ain’t sharing it on my blog! Nope! LOL

  5. I was actually raised catholic and this year I am really trying to get closer (spiritually) to God. So I have kicked off lent with fasting on Ash wednesday. I was so proud of myself when we had a lunch meeting with pizza and I passed. πŸ˜€

    All in all, I will be praying with y’all. I have so many directions I need to take and I need guidance from above (or somewhere). This morning my Yogi Tea said: “Listen and you’ll develop Intuition”.

    So here is to 40 days of silence and listening.

    Take care… (and have som s3x for the rest of us… :))

  6. I am going to do the 40 days too. I promised my mom I would do it with her. I am going to give up sweets. Thank goodness I still have saltβ™₯ I am sick of the Rihanna stories too..Happy Hump back atcha!!

  7. yeah the chris rhianna thing is getitng old and tired, sorry you are not enjoying your classes… not catholoc either the principal is something I tailor to my fatih also…girl tired ain’t even the word for how I have been feeling, but hoping this tiredness, exhaustion thing will pass soon, ok I am rambling..bye!

  8. You’re sure funny dear! You make me laugh all the time.

    I’m going to blog. Got to my hotel late last night and I was pretty tired. Got to watch Obama though. Interesting.

    You mean you’re reading playgirl right? Never mind don’t answer that one.

    You’re on of my favorite bloggers. You always tell it like it is!

  9. Yeah I feel u on the tired sex thing.

    I hate gs cookies

    I gave up meat and im dying over here. If I eat it with my eyes closed would that count at eating it?

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