Sweet Weekend

Hey y’all!

How was your weekend?

My was pretty good 🙂 it was cold here in stl, so I stayed in, I think I left the house once.

At some point I was bit by the domestic bug…

I baked a pound cake from scratch! So damn good

Baked a key lime pie frome scratch! So damn good

Whipped up a batch of praline candy! So damn good.

So when/if y’all hear me complaining bout my teeth hurt… just point me back to this damn post! Mmkay 🙂

I have 2 test this week, an essay to write, and update my resume. Gotta get it done 🙂 hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Does your stomach hurt?!?! Forget about your teeth lol.

    Glad you had a good weekend!!

    You also have to go to the post office….don’t forget to add that to the 2 tests, essay and updating your resume lol.

  2. That a sweet weekend indeed… literally.

    My week-end was semi uneventful. Ran a 5k for the Rodeo on Saturday, and stayed in the rest of the week-end. School’s kicking my butt and work is doing the exact same thing. Can I get Spring Break at work as well? 🙂

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. You know i gotta a major sweet tooth so I am ALL about it! Haha! Look at you being Betty Crocker and thangs! ;p

    The weather was terrible here too windy ice cold rain and then we got our snow last night! WorkFREE Day here! Woot Woot! But it didn’t stop the fun for our CIAA weekend here! Yay! Check out my pics on FB!

    Have a very productive week Pattycake!! Knock it all out!

  4. My weekend was uneventful. I think I went out only once as well.

    No pictures of the Key Lime pie? Did you bring enough for everyone? Screw them, did you save me any? 🙂 Teasing isn’t pleasing. 🙁 It’s not very nice either. I’d like some Key Lime pie please.

  5. From scratch??!! Girl gone head! I need to work on my domestic skills. I do good cook a box cake. lol

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