What you say?!

Picture it! Sicily 1932…

Ok it was 5mins ago in my closet.

Ian is standing behind me while I’m getting undressed. Shoes off and on the shoe rack, shirt passes the sniff test so it goes back on the hanger. Jeans get worn a minimum of 3x before they go in the wash, so off the go, folded and placed on the shelf.

Then I hear…

I love reading words on ya booty!

*to myself I think* he did NOT just say that
*aloud I say* What did you just say?

He laughs and says

I like reading the words on ya booty!
Then walks off laughing.

*sigh* damn vicky secrets lol


  1. I was confused…

    “words on the booty” If I heard that, I would be like, are the dimples forming letters, lmao.

    smh @ the sniff test…too many things.

  2. Lol. Hilarious. I love those panties. One of my gifts for valentines day was a gift card to vs so I bought a bunch.

    Oh, my gosh and LMAO at adrienne. That was HILARIOUS!!!!!

  3. I should contact Tyler Perry to do a show about you two. It would probably get shown on a porn channel. LOL! You guys are too funny.

    Sniff test? TMI! LOL!

  4. Y’all are just too much. Words on the booty…lol

    LMAO @ the “sniff” test – use Lady Speed Stick and you’ll never have to do the “sniff” test. Good stuff. lol

    LOL @ Adrienne.

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