bytch who?!

I’m the walkin worker for the day around 8:50 this morning they paged for one of my coworkers who does not come in until 9. So I called downstairs to see who was in for her and what they needed.

Me: morning lady! Who do you have for L?

Receptionist: bytch you! And starts laughing

Me: bitch who?! Girl whatever, who do you have do there.

R: BYTCH YOU. That’s the clients name! *more laughing*

Me: R it is tooo early for you to be playing like this! *lol* what’s the clients name? *lol*

R: I’m not playing. Bytch YOU! *dying laughing*

Me: *laughing* Spell it!

R: B. I. C. H. Y. U. *rolling laughing*

Me: awww bitch I know you lying! Bich Yu!?! What’s the dcn?! Lol

R: through laughter she tells me

*pulling up dcn*

Me: that’s so messed up woman name is Bich Yu

Me and R: laugh our ass off.


Happy friday folks! Lol

Bitch what, bitch who, bich yooooo (c) mytikal *with a spin on the end*


  1. Man, I wouldn’t even have been able to help that chick without laughing in her face. LOL!!

    Too funny. It was TOO early in the morning for that mess!!

  2. You sure her name isn’t pronounced like Bish Yu? Either way that’s a messed up name to have outside of whatever country she’s from.

    Have a good weekend.

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