east jesus, herpes, l word, & a bytch

Wassup y’all

How was your weekend?

Friday we drove to east jesus to go to joanns fabrics. I really hate that the closed the store that was only 15mins away. Anywho bought some really cute fabric! Then we went to the inlaws to help with some computer stuff. Ended up watching this documentary “right america wronged” on hbo. VERY good. It followed the campaign on the mccain side. VERY good. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is the producer.

Saturday we went to the zoo. YO! The animals in stl are all flicted. one of the elephants has herpes. A monkey had (he died) an immune defiency (aids). There was a gorilla with an enlarged rectum complete with open sores! *vomit*. I just don’t know if id take my kids to see that mess. End up have discussions you hadn’t planned on… shoot.

We hung out in forest park for a while, before coming home. Ian fixed catfish and shrimp 🙂

Yesterday we didn do to much. Just chilled. Watched the series finale of L Word. Was anyone else upset at how it went off? So many unanswered questions.

Amazing race was funny as hell!

Woke up this morning early looking for ian, he was still here but running late. 🙁 no time for me to give him some nookie. So I’m a little bitchy this morning.

Have a great day!


  1. I love Joanns…My store is over 30 minutes away, so I understand your pain. But when you make that pilgrimadge, it is well worth it.

    What the heck is going on at your zoo? Whoa!

  2. I saw that documentary, people get on my nerves with their inbreed stupidty, but thats just my opinion.

    I stopped watching the L word a long time ago. I did see like the last bit, where they were showing everyone walking, I was waiting for United States of Tara.

    Oh snap, what the hell is wrong with the animals at your zoo? Sounds like my sex education class when they got to the diseases and started showing pictures WTF.

  3. Dang! Your zoo is not good at all. That sounds inhumane to me.

    JoAnn’s is always fun but I prefer the JoAnn’s ETC over regular JoAnn’s. So much nicer. Too bad one isn’t closer to you.

    Food sounds so good. I want to stop by. Move closer! LOL!

    You have a good week!

  4. Wow your zoo is ghetto as hell. I wonder if it was other animals or the zookeepers that gave those animals those diseases. What? You know foot freaks sell shoes, necrophiliacs work at funeral homes and the morgue, and bestiality lovers get with the zoo. Don’t look at me like that.

    Did you take any pictures of the sickly animals?

    I love the Amazing Race!

  5. …And now we see why St. Louis was rated the saddest city in the US. When you can’t have fun @ the zoo, u can’t have fun anywhere, lol.

  6. Are you talking bout East STL? If so, they got a Joanns? lol That is one side looking city.

    I love STL zoo. Because it’s FREE and I can get a margarita.

  7. you could have left herpes out of the title!!! you talking about that baboon at the zoo with the big ass bubbly butt!? yeah he been there for years. so the money with no fur died of aids… i hadn’t heard that . they just said it was unknown. that creepy muthfucka been there for about 8 years. we used to have the best free zoo in the US…
    which JoAnn you talkin about? i know there is one in Ballwin, St. Peters, and Fairview… my mom ain’t to happy about the one in Crystal City closing either. that was like 10 min from her crib. i never liked that one. it was always picked over. the one out here is little… i hate going in there too.

  8. Yuck, yuck, and yuck. Elephant herpes, and then fish and shrimp? The thoughts were too close together and now you’ve ruined fish and shrimp for me for a while. Howdahell the elephant get herpes. And I can’t even phathom what happened with the monkey. Damn!

    When Ishmael was little, the Oakland zoo let out a camel in heat. Them fuggas is loud as hell with theirs, LOL. They drool all over the place while they at it too.

  9. Well I guess if we ever come to STL I won’t be taking my son to the zoo. lol Can you imagine the questions kids have about those animals?

    I missed almost all of the L Word this season, not to mention, I had just discovered it last season. LOL

    I love Amazing Race, but missed it last night. A friend gave me a recap.

    Gonna try to catch that documentary the next time it’s on. Sounds interesting.

  10. Awww hell naw at that zoo?! Is it a rescue zoo? That’s a mess.

    I want some catfish and shrimp…well, keep the catfish, just send me a plate of shrimp. I’s hongray!

  11. I saw that documentary. It is extremely good!

    You know what ghetto zoo or not, at least ya’lls shit is free. This piddly crap in Little Rock ain’t even worth a crack rock to see yet they wanna overcharge. GTFOH!!!

  12. How in the HELL does an animal get herpes?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!?!??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?

    I am over here ROLLIN’!

    Girl, I am so TIRED from this move; however, if you entered my home, you would never know that I just moved in on Saturday. 😉

    It’s good to say, “My home.”

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