1 of my favorite songs…

Is Peace of Mind by Lauryn Hill

you can listen to it here

The 1st time I listened to this song, I was in Louisville, Ky a few weeks after hurricane Katrina. I listened to the first few minutes (it’s about 8mins long) and almost skipped past it b/c I thought this heffa really crazy she singing bout some damn man.

I had a conversation with myself. I’ll never forget it.. lol I was dragging for lauryn y’all. Talking bad about her. Saying here this bitch is sing bout some man done broke her heart, don’t she know there is more to life than a man. Ugh. Weak ass. Here I am without a clue of where I’m going to go, where I can call home. Shit I’m living out of a damn bag. All my shyt can fit in 2 walmart bags and she singing bout a man.

As I reached to eject the cd and toss it out the window. I heard her say for the 1st time…

Your my peace of mind….
What a joy it is to be alive…
Everyday’s another chance yea..
To get it right this time..
Everydays another chance…
To get it right

Oh what a mericiful…
Merciful, merciful, merciful God
Oh what a merciful.
Merciful merciful merciful God

The tears started streaming y’all. I couldn’t stop crying. I had to pull over
She sang..

What a wonderful wonderful wonderful
Mericiful wonderful God

he says its impossible
But I know it Possible
he says it not possible
But I know it possible

Sitting on the damn interstate, snotting and crying, cars whipping by so fast the car I was in was shaking…

I knew that it was possible. Even though it was real dismal looking. It was possible. Why? because he’s mericiful and wonderful.
And everyday is another chance.
And what a joy it is to be alive.
To get it right this time…

I can’t listen to this song wo bawling. Everytime I hear it, I hear something. Lauryn sat on a stage with her hair wrapped, a baseball cap, jeans, and damn guitar. And she sang to my soul.

Woke up this morning feeling some kinda way…
Prayed, read blogs, prayed some mo, got a email from hubby ha he was praying too, listened to ole crazy ass lauryn. Bawled. Had a good cleansing cry.

Now I’m finna start this day… imma try and get it right this time y’all.

Have a good monday.


  1. And I know you’ll get it right.

    I heart Lauryn with all the strings of my heart, crazyness et al.

    Stay blessed darling!

  2. I remember watching this when it came on years ago. Lauryn makes great music and has such a raw voice.

  3. I know that’s right. I myself am wondering if I walked into shitsville or something this month without knowing it? ‘cept I refuse to cry. I’mma stand up to this ish first. That’s just how I do it.

    I wonder what a cleansing cry feels like.

  4. Thank you for sharing this song & what’s in your heart. There is a real good reason why I stay on top of this blog! And not just for Sexy Saturdays!

    Really: Ain’t Life just grand?

    Thank you again.

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