conversations w ian

Via text msg

Ian: good morning honey. That oral I got last was soooo good lol

Me: *GASP* I’m so sorry. I forgot!

Ian: it’s okay. Lol imma forget to pay the t-mobile bill. How you feeling this morning?

*heart starts racing*
*can I make it to him @ work, suck him off, and still make it to work on time? Ugh noooo. Just play it easy.. don’t let him know ur panicking*

Me: aww man that cold blood! lol
Me: I’m ok…
Ian: that’s good. Go fix some breakfast before you leave

Whew he waas just kidding about not paying tmobile. Thank goodness.. you must suck his dick tonight. Tonight!

~last time I promise head early in the day, sheesh. He bout gave me a heartattack~

Good morning folks. Have a good day @ work or whereever you are!


  1. Forgetting to make that phone call you swore you’d make — [I can understand]
    Forgetting to drop a letter in the mailbox — [I can understand]
    Forgetting to pick up that 5lb bag of sugar while out shopping for groceries [I can understand] but how n’ da hell do you “FORGET” to give your hubby some head huh?????

    ::Whispering:: Stick to your guns Ian…

    1. lol you aint right… why you gotta be starting shyt? ian dont listen to her. i reallt forgot. lol (yall know he reads my blog)

    1. ummm… i dont claim to know it all.. just the majority of things. :p

      and ummm if ian forgets THEN that would imply i’m not doing something right. the fact that he brought it up bright and early this morning, shows that he has a serious longing for me and my bedroom/sofa/deck/car/park skills.

      what works for me may not work for you you or anyone else reading my blog. BUT please know I don’t put on airs for entertainment purposes.

  2. Um, yeah….stick with the “I was sleepy, I really did forget” excuse……mmm hmmm!

    *sliding Ian a note*….Don’t fall for the okie doke, LOL!

  3. Wow, lol

    I finally found ur tail and I come back to head needing to be given in the morning,lol

    I’m upset for Ian, cut that phone off!!!!

    Ok adding u now to my bookmarks

    Missed u guys πŸ™‚

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