Feels like it’s been ages since i’ve blogged. i’ve been biz-zee.

i have case simulations coming up in 2 weeks. ahhhhh! – have to buckle down this weekend and get it done. soooo, no sewing for the kid. not until my paper is print ready anyway.

Were in the middle of a bday celebration! Ians bday is saturday!!! i’m so excited about his day. for day 1 of the festivities, i made him some pj shorts. I felt all proud when i came home and he was wearing them! Ian will not wear/so something to spare my feelings. He is that person that will CRUSH your feelings when you think you’re flyy to death.

He’s going to be surprised when he gets his b-day gift from me though. 🙂

Waiting requires patience. I’m not the most patient person.

If the shirt you’re wearing is the equivalent of 5yds of fabric, you need to back away from the table. O_o

One of my old board buddies launched her website yesterday. All you girly girls who are into make up go check her out.

i have eaten so many sweettarts in the past 3 days my tongue is raw. ouch! you’d think i would put the box down… nope

I know God has my back.. ALL the time and thats why im not worried.

my head hurts… just a wee bit, my hair band was too tight 🙁

speaking of head… I might have a problem. I can’t stop myself from SITTING on the dik instead of SUKING it.. *sigh* imma work on that…


i need to WASH my head. lawd it’s filthy! FILTHY. Someone told me once that dirty hair grows faster. lol i think i’ll pass on testing that hypothesis.

But my hair has grown soooo much even since february, and thats with a trim.

well i gotta go… battery about to die.

hope youve had a great week 🙂


  1. Yo ass ain’t been busy lol J/k


    I’m trying to remember what you are getting Ian. OH ok. I remember lol.

    LOL@ sweettarts lol

    God does have your back. I’m not worried either. Anymore lol.

    DAHELL!? take the headbead OFF lol

    SMH @ speaking of head O_o LOL

    Where is your charger!?

  2. Yes, please wash your hair!

    I can’t wait to check out the makeup blog.

    Ummm, about that head. Don’t make me have to write a post about how it’s done. All my bit-ness already out there, lol. Can I have one secret? You keep taking my mind there. And being that it’s been so long I have so much time to think about the actual technique of it all. I’ve already said to much, just get it done!

    I can’t see where this 5 yards is going. I’m thinking 3 max. It had to be the way the pattern was laid out.

    Yep, God has your back. Now the next time you feel like doing it your way, remember what you just said!

  3. Girl you always make me laugh!!
    Speaking of hair I need to get off this computer now and wash my dirty hair! Have a good weekend with your hubby!! 🙂 Oh by the way do the damn thing!!LOL

  4. Happy B-day to Ian and Good Luck on the case simulations.

    Speaking of tongue… on St. Paddy’s day, co-workers kept asking what happened to the green cupcakes… of course.. What the hell you asking me for.. like hell if I know… later someone cracked a joke amongst a few standing around… and I was laughing my azz off.. and one coworker said dayum girl what happened to your tongue… you know it was green as hell…lol

  5. ____________flatline @ the head problem. And ummm Buttah I’m need you to post that. Matter of fact you can email me. Got to step my game up.

    I heard the same thing about the dirty hair. I’ll pass!

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