when was the last time…

*sings* you heard them say…. mother or father I loooove you… these threeee wordssssss…

When was the last time….

You woke up horny and your man was already gone?

You had sex text with your man to try and take the edge off?

You got frustrated, bc your fingers and dildo weren’t enough?

when was the last time…

You lay in bed kicking urself for not getting up earlier to get the dick?

You heard keys in the front door and you know your man is supposed to be at work?

You giggled in delight while shrieking your mans name as he walked into your bedroom?

your man walked in and didn’t say 2 words to you, just pulled you to the edge of the bed and enjoyed breakfast… between your legs?

You got fucked by a man in a uniform?

You got fucked by a man wearing STEEL TOE BOOTS¿

When was the last time

YOU were in insatiable?
No matter how much you cam or how hard you cam, you still had more to give?

You heard your man whisper… don’t be greedy I have to get back to work…?

When was the last time

your man cam in you, pulled up his pants, kissed your forehead, then left?

*giggles* just asking questions

Have a great monday!!


  1. Well I got one for you… When was the last time you couldn’t focus for fear that your battery was going to go out before you orgasm…hmmmm


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