brain dump

I flipped just that quick… I have an addiction to my cell phone. I admit it. It’s not pretty when it doesn’t work right.

And what really pissed me off is the only reason I was up is to wait on a text and as soon as I get it and go to respond the fucking network goes down. My pressure went up QUICK!

Mojo is gone!

glad I finished my maxi dress before this shit happened.

I told Ian about my tentative plans to take a trip with The Divas… was met with silence. Now that I think about it, he never did say yay or nay….

finals in 2 weeks.. praise baby Jesus

still waiting to hear word… no news is good news

I don’t like new people for real. I’ll play nice though

every time I think about danity kane I shake my head.

When you’re grown and behave like a child, I don’t have the patience to deal with you. Still love you, but i don’t care to be around you.

Sometimes I feel so lonely.

I pray I’m making the right steps towards my goals. I hope it’s not all for naught.

Jealousy and envy is never cute. Even when you try to disguise it with a smile. It’s ugly and I see right through you.

Imma be me. That’s all I know how to be. Love me or leave me.

I know what I want for my next tattoo, now to find a talented artist to translate my ideas into a FIRE ass tatt.

I don’t have any regrets. Things I would do differently? YES Regrets? NO

I only have this one life, Imma LIVE THIS BITCH TO THE FULLEST! Balls to the walls!!

Whining is a waste of energy. Do something.

The more time passes, the more I just want to say fuck it why bother. But I have others to think about.

What the hell is the diddybop? Is it like the titty bop? O_o

I haven’t seen a rainbow in a very long time.

Went to church Sunday… there was a dude there with Jesus tattooed to the back of his neck.

Why is the church always collecting for a building fund? We in a recession! You lucky you getting an offering. I’m just saying. shoot.

I’m not a club person. Never have been, never will be.

Soon as finals are over, I’m hitting the gym hard.

There is nothing better than a fresh pineapple. Don’t know if I’ll ever eat the ish in a can again.

I’m an emotional eater. Its not pretty.

I have a thing for numbers and symmetry.

First natural then Spiritual

Recently I toyed with penning a novel. And not an urban novella. No drug bf’s, strip clubs, gun battles.

lol I may not be a club person…. but I was definitely into strippers for a minute. lol

I’ve always known I was different. My differences make me great!

I talk beaucoup shit, but when it comes down to it… Im just a big ole softee. Very sensitive.

She’s in rehab. AGAIN… hoping for the best, not expecting a thing.


It wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Goes to show, it’s STILL about WHO you know.

looking forward to some quality time

Surprises are fun. And funny. And Risque’ lol

Thank God for open minds and open hearts.

Back starting to hurt from sitting up like this.

Who dahell is sean perry?

So glad my profile is private.

I wish they could get on the same page. And stay there.

1st yawn since I started typing.

I find it hard to accept gifts/favors from people. Was taught that people always want something in return. Missed out on a lot of blessings that way.

Going get a pedicure this weekend. Might bring my own polish. Might try to be there when they open. Maybe I should take a slow leisurely stroll to the nail shop. maybe not.

Are you still reading? I would have quit looooooooong time ago.

I’d like a repeat of monday. That was good.

Everyday is another chance to get it right yall. EVERYDAY

My last trip to new orleans was so memorable. I had the best time.

still a little bitter about that network dropping. I was really looking forward to chatting.

Talents… if you dont use them you lose them.

ok…going to bed…



  1. Addicted much? Ummmmhmmmm yeah. You already know lol.

    I told Tony about the trip too. Got a lot of stuff I just wasn’t prepared to hear.

    Ohhh what will the tattoo be?

    NO comment @ emotional eater. Still love you though.

    AMEN @ softy and sensitive….hey you forgot about moody 😉

    Just the WORD surprise. LOL put that on the list lol.


    I agree@ everyday.

    🙂 @ New Orleans.

    True @ talents. I need to practice my piano huh?


  2. Warm fresh pineapple is even better! *swoons*

    I’ve always known I was crazy. It’s gotten easier to accept the older I’ve gotten. LOL 🙂

  3. As always interesting brain dump! I know how you feel about people doing things for you and expecting something. It happens a lot and it can make you sour. But you regroup and try to be thankful!

    Good Luck with the finals!

  4. For whatever it may be worth, being an “emotional eater” is NOT as bad as being the seefood eater that I am…

    Girl…soon as I see food I wanna eat food. LOL

    It’s downright ridiculous!!!!

  5. A lot on the brain I see…

    and now I want to go to the store and get some fresh pineapple and strawberries.

    I hear you about emotional eating…eating is a pastime time for me…if I’m bored, its really easy for me to stuff my face.

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