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My Weekend (pic heavy)

**fixed it so you can comment (if you like)**

Saturday was my mother in laws b-day


I made her some pj shorts, cut them at a Bermuda length, paired it with a tank and tshirt from target. Called it a present.


We also took her to lunch in the loop. We ate at Racanelli’s Cucina. Very Good Food!


This pattern (Mccalls 5586) has 4 pieces. FOUR. Took me forever to complete. That darn neck band was a PITA!


I made this top before… B5216.


This time I lengthened the bottom to make a cute little sundress.

PhotobucketLast but certainly not least…  M5142.

I went through 6 bobbins making these jeans. I’d overlooked this pattern for a looooong time b/c of the envelope. Adrienne pointed it out to me this weekend and I called them MOM JEANS! lol Sorry A, I was wrong. lol I now know to look at the LINE DRAWING! lol


In my defense, look at the envelope! Soooo uninspiring.


I’m so proud of these jeans!


Love the 5th pocket 🙂


The pockets almost drove me insane!  I went through 2 sets before I gave up on top stitching a design.


Awful horrible picture, but it gives you an idea of the fit. And of how my ass needs to push away from the table O_o


***and apologies for the bad pics… still haven’t bought a new camera***


  1. I love how you bundled your MIL’s gift. Imma hafta do that when I make my gifts lol

    NO comment on the mom jeans lol. Your topstitching looks great! I can’t wait to make my jeans. If my pattern EVER comes!

  2. Great projects! I like your choice of fabrics for the gifts and the sundress. Very pretty!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Those are awesome. you and A are so good at making clothes. I really wish I could sit down and do something like that. I would have a closet filled with stuff.

  4. The gauchos on the package look cute…but I feel ya…Mom Jeans are so not sexy.

    Girl you’re making jeans and thangs now…I’m scurred of you!

  5. “Mom Jeans”??? — LOL
    Yeah…I guess I can kinda see that!

    Love that dress though…I’m feeling the pattern.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…Must be pretty cool [knowing how to sew].

  6. You were so productive & everything turned out great! Especially your “6 bobbin pants”!
    You can start a lucrative side business doing topstitching for people!

  7. Some one’s mojo is definitely out there… gurrrl you have been sewing up a storm, great garments. Ok…whats up.. I’ve never heard of mom jeans.

  8. why wouldn’t the pjs be a present you made the pants and paired up the top to complete the set I see it as a very thoughtful present…love the jeans too, love your work one day Imma buy myself a sewing maching and start making clothes to (just need to set some real serious goals bout sewing so that I can make the someday an actual day)

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