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idle mind…

Usually gets Patrice in BIG BIG BIG trouble. So when I discovered i’d literally be spending the evening entertaining myself (ian decided to lay down *eyeroll*) I was kinda at a loss for soemthing to do. Something constructive that is.

My tv show was interrupt by the Pres. Adrienne was off doing something. Ian was sleep. Talked to my bff Nyra for a few minutes, then she had to go. Something about making crawfish eggrolls.

THIS is the point where the trouble usually starts. Well lemme clear my myspace or facebook, pop on the board for a minute, or god forbid log into instant messenger…

However this time, I did none of the above. Instead, I cut out a pattern and made a top and a skirt.


Now I’m wondering how full my closet could have been had I been redirecting my attention to the sewing machine?

This being good thing isn’t as bad as I once thought.

Ok.. I’m going find something to eat, shower, and settle down in front of the idiot box with the laptop and read some blogs. Well that’s what I might do..

I dunno….


  1. Well your idle mind got you working on something nice. I like your top and skirt. Good job!

    You’re too funny!

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