brain dump

Guess who will be glad when THIS cycle is over?! My emotions have been so all over the place I can’t stand to be around MYSELF. Yup its that’s bad.

I had a complete meltdown in target on the toaster aisle. UGLY cry meltdown. People giving Ian the evil eye meltdown.

And 10mins later on the shower curtain aisle I was happily matching curtains to rugs.

Soooo like I said I will be sooooo glad when this one is over.
Shoot when I get pregnant Ian might leave me if this is ANY indication of how its going to be O_o

I have nice cleavage. Sometimes I just stare in awe. Not all busty girls have nice cleavage.

Oh! I bought some jean capris from old navy when they had their $15 sale. Well this week I finally got a chance to reeturn them. I thought I had the receipt in the bag but I didn’t and Ian bought them on his card. I asked the lady to give me a store credit and was prepared to take a loss. Hit the jackpot b/c they rang up for 29.50. Whoooohooo!!!

*sings* timmmmmmme keeps on slippin slipping INTO the futurrrrrrre

I need to apologize to ian.

Gotta remember to take my vitamin.

Sewing your own clothes doesn’t necessarily mean you save money. Once people realize that, they usually stop asking you to make stuff for them.

I’m trying to stop cussing. Going somewhere and don’t want to slip up and say OMG BITCH YOU’RE SO FUKING FUNNY! Lol that might not go over well with the wee ones.

I need to SEW. This weekend all I plan on doing is sewing.

I liked twitter a whole lot more before all the celebs infiltrated.

Nilla Wafers and Bananas. Yummy


  1. This cycle will be over soon. Hang in there.

    When you get pregnant…Ian will be RIGHT there lol.

    OOooooook @ cleavage lol

    LOL@ Store credit lol.

    True @ sewing.

    I need to sew…like RIGHT NOW.

    Just don’t follow the celebs. Twitter is what you make it. You already know that.

    BYE!!! LOL

  2. First of all I am still looking fo r my cleavage to come!LOL
    Soon your cycle will be over.
    I want that salesperson that gave you a store credit!!LOL

  3. Cycles SUCK so I am soooooo —>HERE<— with you on being an emotional roller coaster @ that time of month.

    Ian loves you to pieces [who doesn’t :-)] so I’m sure that when you get preggers, he’ll ONLY love you that much more!

    I want nice cleavage… 🙁 LOL

    So much for thinking folks who sew saved bundles! 😉

    Mmmmm @ nilla wafers…Those are my fav!!

  4. Nilla Wafers and Bananas… My mom makes the best banana pudding and always makes me a large pan for my B-day….

    I am so with you on sewing.. friends are calling talkin’ about what time is the bbq this weekend and I responded kindly… the sewing class starts at 3:00…holla

  5. Isn’t it funny how people think? “I can have Patrice make it for me.”

    Ian will be happy about the baby who will look just like him. You will save lot’s of milk cause you don’t have to buy not one ounce of formula with those boobs. You could have twins and be cool. Ooo, that’s what I’m claiming for you, TWINS. To match the ones you already got. LOL. I crack myself up sometimes.

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