fav moments/memories

*my wedding day. Ian tried to slob me down in front of our parents AND the pastor. Lawd geesus I could have crawled under a pew. Lol it wasn’t just a kiss. It was a comeheregirlletmefukyourealgood kinda kiss. The kind of kiss that is inappropriate for church. Lol

* my high school graduation. One of the few times my dad actually showed up when he said he would. Lol AND he came bearing gifts. My 87 honda prelude. Lawd that car was sooooooo illegal. Lol

*Ian and i’s 1st road trip. We drove from new orleans to houston. Baaaaaabay coudnt tell us we weren’t doing the damn thing. Lol 6hrs. No adults. Just us! Lol we fucked all over that hotel room. OOPS that might be tmi. Oh well

* Meeting Stacey and Adrienne. Clearly in the top 10 of my favorite bloggers turned friends. We had too much fun. A lifetime of memories.

* anniversary 2009. Ian and I met up with Adrienne and Tony in new orleans and had THE best time. I promise I’ll be 72 still talking about the police knocking on the door bc we were playing uno @ 3 in the morning

* Our 1st trip to chicago! OMG it is so on my list of favorite places.

* burger king and skittles

* Parade Season. Nothing like being IN the parades.

* block parties, house parties, and card parties! Whooo nothing like a dj in the the 9th ward.

** all of my most memorable moments have nothing to do with STUFF. Everything to do with people, places. I was feeling a touch reflective today. I may do this again as things come to mind.


  1. LOL@ Wedding kiss.

    Top 10!? *eyeroll* lmao! Love you too! LOL

    LAWD who knew the police would come a knocking @ 3am…it was JUST UNO! LOL

    burger king and skittles??

    Hmmm y’all jipped me…I never did see a parade lol

  2. I hollered reading about the wedding kiss! I know you two tore each other up on your wedding night. LMAO!!!

    Memories…aren’t they grand?!

  3. Aw, such sweet memories.

    I tell folks all the time. New Orleans is my second home. It’s been almost two years since I’ve been back. Time to make a trip ASAP. OL

  4. Lol. The day I read your blog I see u puttin me on blast.
    Yeah I did it. Slobbed u down in front Bishop and our moms! And id do it again.

    Burger king and skittles huh. What about best buy? Watching the movie push? On side the road under the overpass on our way to new orleans? The “van” when we worked at avis with candy in the front seat on her phone? I could go all day. Lol. Love you!

    And that was fucked up how tony left me at the door talkin to the cops when he saw one of them was 6’8, 300 lbs. Im talking shit to the giant, I turn around and my backup (tony) was sittin down waaaay back there with yall. Lol. Its cool I woulda got my ass whipped in the name of love.

  5. you got me over here rollin… hats off to Ian for layin it down-T from the jump in front of EVERYBODY. LOL

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