things i’m looking forward to…

~ lunch

~ the end of this short work week. Only working 3days

~ traveling this weekend

~ getting new ink this summer, hopefully during my 1st trip to atlanta

~ getting my eyebrows waxed! They are starting to get a little unruly. Lol

~ Transformers 2!!! Comes out on the 26th I will be in attendance

~ starting my bday countdown

~ did I mention lunch? Lol I’m not hungry for real. I just want to get out the building.

~ answered prayers.

And with that I’m out!

Have a good Monday folks! Don’t let ’em steal your joy 😉


  1. I’m sleepy lol

    I want ink…..

    I will be there also to see Transformers!!!

    45 days till your bday! Someone kinda informed me of this info lol.

    Thank God for Answered prayers!

    Dang today really is MOnday!

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