I got hosed… lol

I was fired yesterday for “slandering and causing disrepute to the agency” because of the content in my blog.

Yup, that’s right. Apparently when my blog got out. It actually ended up in the hands of the supervisors that I referenced in my post. They obviously didnt care for my opinions and proceeded to print and submit copies of my blog to the powers that be.

Sooooo, I am officially unemployed.

Ian and I talked and he told me to take me time and find a job I’ll like. He said ” I got you”
*giggles* I like him a whole bunch.

I’ve only been fired once before and let me tell you… baby I was FURIOUS. lol

This time, not at all. God seriously is doing something with me. I am sooooooooo at peace. Haven’t cried, blood pressure didnt shoot up. nada.

Funny thing is, i’d already been looking for a new job, in my field of study. I didn’t want to end up like so many other college grads with a degree and no experience. I won’t really start looking for a new gig until next week, since I’ll be out of town.

I have some cleaning I need to do, *might* sew something else for my trip since I have the time. And try and figure out what’s for dinner.

Aite.. Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. You should consult an attorney. If I recall correctly, you never provided anyones name or the name of the place you work in your blog. Therefore, what you wrote in your blog should be protected under the freedom of speech laws.

  2. God doing a work is a wonderful thing. This just opened up the door for you to get a job in your field.

    LOL I like Ian too. HE MY FRIEND lol.

    That is all 🙂

  3. Wow!
    We just had to sign a document at work saying that we wouldn’t blog about certain aspects of our job but that mainly meant financial and confidential information.
    I agree with Wanda that you have a case against them if you want. But if you are a true Cancer girl, you want to just say good riddance to a bad situation and just keep it moving!!
    Big up to Ian for taking it in stride. That’s what real men do!

    1. We signed a confidentiality agreement that said we wouldn’t discuss the personal aspects of the job/clients/staff even if names aren’t mentioned.

      But I am a true cancer in the sense that I hated the job/office and I’m not willing to fight it. Especially to go BACK there? I’ll pass. Lol

  4. Now this is some shullbit if I ever heard of it. But… It’s like you said, God’s got this. Their loss! Good thing you managed to keep them grades up while dealing with their triflingness, huh?

    Team Ian!!! He gives me hope that my future hubby will be an awesome man.

    1. Girl ok! When I started the job I hated it from day one. My goal all along was get through school and bounce.

      Ian is a good guy. 🙂

  5. Glad you are in a good place about this that is important and that you know God has in hand all in this situation and in your life.

  6. I’m sure in the back of your head you were thinking “OK BYE”

    Don’t let those simple minded fools shut you down or hold you back. You know who you are and the talent that you have will take you further than the folks that did the dirty work will ever go.

    *sending smiles and hugs and positive energy your way*

    Jami B.

    1. Trip part about, the chic who told the sups about the blog (they named her in my termination papers) I had NEVER mentioned her on my blog. I still can’t figure out what that was about. Didn’t even talk to her for real.
      But she wonders why her husband is an invalid?


      Anywhoo, girl I didn’t even want to sit down for the conference. Lol I smiled and asked “if that was all” they said yes. I said have a great day. See you around and left. Lol

      I’m sure they were expecting me to break down and beg. NOT THE KID

  7. Glad to hear your doing okay. Sometimes its for the best. Meaning you will focus on what you want. I feel you on looking for something now. I am so lazy and have given myself until the end of this year to find a job in my new field so that I can be in it already when I graduate. If not, I will be quiting and interning some dang where.

    I gotta admit when one of the girls here got canned with three months serverance I silently wished it was me. But then the economy knocked me back to my senses.

    That is still messed up that they can use the blog as slander, you didn’t use their dumb ass names.

    1. Girl okay @ economy. I’m just glad ian got the household stuff on lock.

      But yea, I’m willing to take something entrylevel lower pay. I just need to get my foot in the door for the accounting/finance industry. I wanna have the experience and the paper.

      I’ll actually have time to intern now!
      Glad you mentioned it… I’ll be taking a trip to school. Lol

      And yea it’s messed up, but all things will work out for my good. They always do. 🙂

  8. it sounds like you are already looking on the bright side!

    another thing, summer classes are shorter AND easier, so maybe you can double up and be out of school that much sooner!

    another thing, try to reduce the withholding on your lump sum payout unless you intend to file for unemployment – since those benefits are taxable but have no withholding you might be better off paying it from your last paycheck.

  9. Yeah…I never talk about my job directly on my blog..but today is an exception because their bytch-ass wrote me up today..

    My name is Go.. and I hate thier azz! LOL

    sorry you lost your job though…they should stay at work world and worry about cyber-world damn…give us bloggers some space!

  10. Sorry to hear about that! Hope things work out. I try to keep work out of it but sometimes them stupid mofos be asking for me to write about they asses.

    What ever happened to freedom of speech?

  11. OMG that is so crazy! I’m sorry you lost your job but at the same time, congrats on looking on the brighter side and moving towards your passion.

  12. Sorry it went down that way, but now you’ll have more time to devote to you. Enjoy your trip, relax, get your mind right and get your head back into the game!

  13. Patrice – I’m glad that you are okay with this and am ready to move on. I have 2 sisters and a friend in HR and talking about your job on your blog IS a fireable offense…so I don’t know if you would be able to sue if you wanted too. I was warned by both sisters and my friend that I should UNDER NO circumstances discuss my job, what I do or anything related to my job on my blog. That’s why the focus of my blog is sooooo narrow – sewing is about it.

    But I believe this is one of those closed door/open window opportunities that God provides…you will find something that you are much happier with and it will make a world of difference. I will say a prayer for you that the right opportunity comes along!

  14. I’m sorry to hear about your dismissal. But its time to make lemonade out of lemons. I feel sort of bad for suggesting you post the “Tales from the Food Stamp Office”. They were interesting to read.

    Hopefully somethng better will come along soon. Even with the economy as bad as it is you have the ability to start out low and make your way to a higher position.

  15. Getting fired sucks but hey life goes on. Been there done that myself and I wasn’t mad either.

    Glad you’ve found the silver lining in this situation. 🙂

  16. Dang, I’m mad they got a hold of your blog and used it against you like that.

    But, if you ain’t trippin, neither am I! Thank God for a husband that’s got your back, and an education to take you further.

    Here’s to bigger and better!

  17. wtf??? well lady…you are truly blessed with a spirit of peace…He is indeed working some wonders in your life, opening some doors, marjing your path…

    enjoy your road to travel, lady…be your own testimony…

  18. Sorry to here that!
    Sometimes God has to do things to get you to go in the direction he wants you to go!! So girl you on your way to great things!!GET READY GET READY ITS COMING!

  19. Oh Patrice, I am so sorry to hear about the job, but in the same breath glad that you are feeling good about it and knowing that better things are to come.

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