spider monkey’s

I spent a good hour catching up with my friend from back home… I tell ya one thing, imma stick with ian like a damn spidermonkey!!!

Whooo, the dating game is sick!

I have my Xmen trilogy! gotta love tar~jay clearance prices. 3.98 can’t beat that with a bat.

Fillling out apps is a long boring process. Lol boring.

Ooh I have a library book that’s over due. OOPS I got my days mixed up. It was due yesterday. I’ll return it tomorrow and make sure to bring my lil change to pay my fine. 🙂

Ooooh I made smothered pork chops last night. I usually have my mother in law make em for me. I’m happy to report they turned out GOOD!

Today we had pizza! Lol

David Beckham can soooo get it. Lol have y’all seen his new calvin Klein ad?! Glawd

I have a pair of pants that are 80% finished. I have less than 2hrs of sewing left to finish. Then I can move on to my next project.

Ok time to watch Failure To Launch until I pass out.

Hope your week is going Good!


  1. Yes them apps are boring and cover letters suck!

    D.C. library gets a lot of money from me, I am always late and I am talking months late.

    I miss smother pork chops since I live with the nonpork eaters now – damn.

    David all day long baby, all damn day. If I didn’t have to do any time I would kidnap his ass and do a Rick James, but since I can’t do jail time, I will just look.

  2. Damn 3.98?! Oh I am so going to get me a set. I wonder if Target here in Atlanta has it at the same price?

    David Beckham can knock the bottom out of this thang here. ! Whew! That man is blessed and highly favored. LOL

  3. Looks like a lot of David Beckham fans out there. He’s is pretty to look at for sure. HOT in those darn underwear ads. Geez!

    Good luck with the apps. Tough but worth it in the end.

  4. LMAO @ spidermonkey. I feel you though. I’d be clueless as hell if I had to start back dating again. lol

    I don’t know how Victoria does it. If David was my man, I’d be walking around with Poise pads on all the time.

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