Dating can be fun :)

What better way to start a sate than frozen yogurt from Fro’Yo?  Mr. Johnson tolerated me and actually looked at the phone (I need to buy a camera asap lol). He did not stop sucking down his yogurt though. lol


I wonder what was going through his head at that moment… hmmm

Anywhoo.. Fro’yo is the perfect little place to people watch. This bar that we always sit at face Delmar. Baaaabey THE best people watching spot in the loop. I promise you.

Next we went to Your Pot’s Desire. Photobucket

(I’m going to plan a ladies night there SOON, so make sure I have your email address if you want in)


I think Ian was crushing on the owner of the shop. I was shocked because he usually goes for older women. lol

She was such a nice young lady, very personable.

There is such a relaxing quality to this shop. Definitely good vibes 🙂


Yall, his plate changed, I tell no lie AT LEAST 7 times! lol


I cant wait to see his once it’s all glazed. lol I forgot what his last design was.


ummm okay 0_O Ian “the great” lol

Photobucketwe  went home, watched X-Men 2 (i’m taking Ian through the trilogy… he wants to start watching @ 3! nooo dude you have to know the history of XMEN! lol  After the movie, we got into a deep converation. When I had to bright idea that we should PAINT AND TALK !!! lol

Sooooo we did 🙂

PhotobucketThis painting started out as a peacock feather… It wasn’t turning out quite like I wanted. so I painted over it. lol

It’s my canvas I can do what  I want :-p

PhotobucketAnd Ian just did what he wanted . lol

and that was Friday….


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