yesterday, today, tomorrow


Was Keli’s Birthday!!! Whooooo

Ian and I got into about the proper way to scramble eggs. Lol I know it’s silly. But in the moment we both felt the need to defend our way of scrambling eggs. Lol

We planned our annual trip to Chicago. We’re going next week whooo

I LOOKED @ my sewing machine! Lol Iwanted to sew, but not what I had patterns for. I want to make a woven shirt that’s not button down or wrap OR maternity looking. Lol


We are going see Transformers!

I got a call for a job interview.

I turned down another volunteer opportunity bc I start volunteering Monday.

I need to nair my legs and polish my toes.


I’m going to sew… something to wear to chicago.

Finalize my birthday plans

Maybe paint.

Start reading Midnight.


  1. Aren’t those silly arguements funny…5 minutes later

    I’m planning a September trip to vegas…

    I looked at my machine and thought about opening the box

    Ditto the legs and toenails to add underarms

    I have Tranformers date this weekend, too

    Good Luck with Midnight. I struggled and finally just gave up

    Presently listening to MJ on

  2. LOL@ the eggs lol. Y’all are a mess.

    You betta get ta sewing or wear something you ALREADY have lol.

    I might not get to see Transformers until Saturday or Sunday šŸ™

    BOOOOO@ midnight!!! WHY are you gonna read it now?!!?!? Just BOOOOOOO LOL

  3. Thanks for the birthday shout…better late than never. šŸ˜€

    Yay at starting volunteering on Monday. Double yay! for job interview.

    I don’t drink…but I’m going to happy hour tonight. I’ma party like it’s my birthday, lol.

  4. I can’t wait to see ya next week! It’s going to be fun times in Chicago. I hope it cools off seriously! I hate this hot weather! Yucko!

    Yeah and polish up those toes! You couldn’t wait to yank off that shoes and stick your foot into our photo. Weird woman!

    I can’t wait to see what you make to wear! Maybe I will get on the ball too! NOT! LOL!

    Scrambled Eggs debate! Indeed!

  5. We got in the car and drove to the theater to see Transformers this afternoon. I didn’t want to go in though because we were running behind, the parking lot was FULL, I wanted popcorn, and I knew that I would be pissed if I didn’t get the seat I wanted. So we just drove around town for a bit and came back home. We will try for one of the matinees again tomorrow. lol

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