Sunday Conversations with Ian

**its a rainy day in stl. Ian is out at the store. Sitting in the car, waiting on the rain to slack so he can go in**

Me:: 1st natural then spiritual.

Me:: *I told adrienne 1st natural then spiritual, and she said I thought it was the other way around* I told her Nope.. natural 1st.. it’s God promise. 1st rain then flowers. 😉 Rain make the ground fertile, lush, ripe for flowering. Seeds don’t grown without rain.

Ian:: Yes maam. Thats y i aint complaining. Just taking it all in. May go sit IN the rain so i dont miss nothing

Me:: Nothing grows without rain

Ian:: Nothing at all. And if it never rained, a sunny day wouldnt be so beautiful. It would be like oh ok a sunny day. But when it rains on us. Hard. For a while. U all wet. Upset. All ur phone done got wet. Nothing works. But oh when the sun comes out. U like in shock and aw. U really enjoy it. U appreciate it. U feel good allll day. Its just great. But for that great shit. U gotta get rained on.

Me:: preach mister johnson 🙂

Ian:: And sometimes we fuck it up going get a raincoat or umprella. He wants us to get drenched. Thats y the umbrella turns inside out or blows away. Thats y when we stand under the stores roof they tell us we cant stand there. We supposed to get wet. We prolong the shit when from the start we posed to be soaked and frustrated.

***embrace the rain, those seeds you’ve been planting won’t grow without water.***

Lol see, we’re not all sex and debauchery. We’ve been through some HARD downpours and we have a great appreciation for the rain. For the cleansing that it brings. We know that rain brings growth, change, progress. Lord knows you don’t realize how dirty you are until you’re clean.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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