I almost burned the house down…


Like to hear a story? Here it go!

A certain young couple were communicating ummm horizontally, yea horizontally, and umm while they were "talking"…someones leg knocked over the bedside lamp.

About 15mins or so later, in between moans, someone said, "I smell something burning" to the person sitting on their lap. That person, ignored the comment because they were umm distracted. Yea distracted. Lol

Until the smoldering smell hit her and she looked to her right and notice smoke!

Ummm, I could tell you but, a picture is worth a thousand words… lol

part 1247543616952

*guess this gives a whole new meaning to the sex was FIYAH* lol. Oh, and before you ask, no we didn’t stop. I turned the lamp off and umm kept “sitting and talking” lol

Ill have to tell y’all about the time we almost burned the kitchen DOWN lol


  1. now see…this is what happens when i miss a few days and have to go back and read up on people…burning the house down and stuff…. all for the goodies….

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