Thank You Thank You Thank You

To everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!!!

I felt the love allllll day long!!! Emails, text messages, tweets, facebook, and OMG phone calls from people I haven’t spoken to in MONTHS! That truly was the best gift a girl could have πŸ™‚

7/15/2009 has been my best birthday EVER!!

Ian gave me the::
Brother SE350 sewing/embroidery machine
Eee PC netbook
some cute little summer sneakers
ice cream cake (which is why my stomach is bubbling RIGHT now)

Oh! I earlier in the month he bought me the Dial a Drink drink shaker. I used it for the 1st time last night!! Made some Maitai’s. Whoohoo

And my favorite friend Adrienne, gave me a Peacock Charm for my charm bracelet.

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14 thoughts on “Thank You Thank You Thank You

  1. Dang girl. You’re going to have embroidery on every damn thing.
    I’m glad your day was love filled. I mean that from the heart.

  2. lol @ stomach bubbling…laughing with you…the things we put our selves through for tasty food.

    You made out like a bandit!

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