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bad fabric choice & a giveaway

Hey everybody!

Hope your week is off to a great start. Mine has been pretty good. My sewing mojo is going, finally! I have less than 2weeks before work starts and school starts a week after that.

So I’m doing a little stash busting!
Yesterday I made a top, a pair of pants, and another maxi dress. The top unfortunately is going in the goodwill box.

Fabric choice will kill a project everytime! I promise you. It looked fine while I was sewing and not so bad on the dress form, but when I put it on… LaWD to me it looked juuuuuust like night shirt, all shiny and shimmery… that my grandma wear O_o and that’s NOT what’s up. Lol

Anywhoo.. I’m going to remake the top in a different fabric, because I did like the top just not in the fabric.
I’ll post pics of the new shirt with the pants I made when its done.

The candles…

I will be opening an Etsy shop soon. A lot of people have expressed they would like to buy candles and bath/body products, I’m thinking an etsy shop might be the right avenue to take.
Hopefully it will be open before school starts on the 24th.

Now for the giveaway…
My candles aren’t only pretty, they smell REALLY good too! And I want to share that with a lucky few. Meaning 3. Lol

The 3 candles I’m giving away are Jamaica Me Crazy (really tropical scent w hints of coconut), Vanilla Hazelnut (smells like someone is baking fresh muffins), and Peach (smells juuust like a ripe juicy peach).

Leave a comment and I’ll get Ian to select 3 people. That’s it!

Now I’m going back to the sewing machine.

Habe a great day


  1. Love love LOVE the maxi dress. Jamika on food network’s show Next Food Network star made a shrimp dish called jamica me crazy lol.

  2. I really want a candle but I also wanted to say that I am loving the blue top…the appearance of the fabric off the chain. I hope this isn’t the one you are Goodwilling!

  3. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Pick me, PICK ME!! Ian, Pick me!!!

    I like the blue top, Patrice. I guess seeing it all shimmery on yourself is what is the deal-breaker! LOL That dress is to die for, though! You go girl!

  4. I am loving that dress!!! Once again just perfect for me *hint hint* lol Oh how I wished I lived in the Lou so you could do me some sewing favors or something :D!

    I have a shiny shirt that I scooped up from Tarjay last year sometime. It’s navy blue like your shirt and girl I wear the hell out of that thing. lol

    Ian….give me my candles! lol

  5. LOL that shirt does look like a night shirt.

    Oh another giveaway! Ian, Ian! Pick me, pick me! I could use some nice candles here in Atlanta. Plus I’m moving at the end of the month and they would look fabulous in my new living room. Please! Pretty please! With a cherry on top!

  6. love the maxi dress, sorry the shirt didn’t work out, congrats on the etsy shop and I’s love some candles made by you!!!

  7. you know i’m a fan of your sewing, so inspiring!

    would LOVE to try your candles so …

    IAN, PICK ME!!!

  8. Please pick me!!! Candles and smell goods for the home are my weakness. I am always buying something to light up, up in there.

  9. I think the top is fine. Send me the maxi mojo mojo..mine is ALL over the board..hits and lots of
    Have a good weekend..

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