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Hey yall! How is your week so far?? I have a few totally unrelated things want to say, soooo hear goes…

  • yesterday was my 1st day of school. 5 classes 9.30 t0 5.20, two days a week.  My days will be jam packed but I like the flow of my classes.  As I always do at the beginning of the semester, if you don’t see me around much online, know it’s because I have my nose to the grind trying to establish a routine.
  • I’m taking my very 1st art class EVER. I’m excited about this course. The instructor seems very cool. So cool in fact our in class introductions consisted of showing your tatts (if you had any). lol Our first assignment, design your own tattoo! *giggles* This is SO up my alley, especially I would like to get a new tattoo sooner rather than later.
  • Id also like your help on an assignment. If you had to describe me in one word, what would that word be?
  • I’m currently crocheting a 3rd hat for ian.  He will be READY for fall/winter. lol
  • I dropped by our local yarn shop to get some advice on the sweater I selected for the Knitty Couture knit-a-long. I did get a bit of advice ,but ultimately was referred to Ravelry. lol
  • TV… Big Brother is really good this season, I hope Jeff wins. America’s Best Dance Crew, Do you love Vogue Evolution as much as I do?!!?, Hawthorne, are you watching?! I enjoy this show. Its my break from reality tv. Making HIS band, did yall see how ole boy went off  “there will NEVER EVER NOT EVERRRRR be anything between us” HA! lol
  • Aunt Flo is a BIABIA! lol
  • I REALLY like Ian. That’s my boy (except when he’s getting on my nerves lol)
  • I will try to finish up Part 2 of Sexy Saturdays Maid For You, this weekend.
  • I have an interview today, wish me luck.
  • That’s about it for now 🙂
  • OH! got a very nice compliment on Neecha’s blog


  1. My one word for you would be fun. It’s never a dull moment with you.

    Good Luck with the classes.

    Best wishes on the interview.

  2. One word for you would be: EXCITING

    ABDC is good this season. Loving it!

    Girl no you didn’t just say BIABIA!! I loved Lil Jon and the EastsideBoys. TTOTM is so horrendous. (That Time Of The Month)

  3. My word would be ARTSY, you’re really creative. Good luck on the interview!! I really liked last week’s episode with the Beyonce’ videos, I dvr-ed this week’s episodes and haven’t watched them yet.

  4. One word: Louisiana! (ok I know it’s not really descriptive BUT I always love the posts with your visits. You embody what that great state is all about to me)

    Vogue Evolution: HAWT!!!

    I caught Hawthorne for the first time last night. I was impressed. I need to set a reminder on the boob tube.

    I know you knocked ’em dead in the interview!

  5. Just reading about that class load has drained me. Lawd!

    My one word to describe you: uninhibited. Period. And I love that about you. You do YOUR thang and the rest is just “whateva”. Love that!

    Hawthorne. THE BIZNESS. For real!

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