Designer for less…

I was in wal-mart the other day and ran across these….

2009-09-14 18.23.41

That’s right… Baby Phat, a well made pair at that ( yall know Kimora can go far lol)

They were in the Junior department, so grab a pair for your little ones. Don’t tell them where you got ’em and you might win the mom of the year award. lol

2009-09-14 18.23.52


  1. When it comes to making money Kimora is a smart cookie! She know people are not paying all that money for clothes now. I am going to have to get some for my dd!

  2. Wait a damn minute. Baby Phat is being sold in Walmart now? Stop the freaking presses! I never thought Kimora would sell her stuff in Wally World? I find tons of cute outfits from there but it just seems like she wouldn’t get down like that. Go kimora! FYI: her damn jeans still don’t fit me. LOL

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