travel agent needed

Hey yall

I need some help coming up with a place to go for our anniversary in february. For obvious reasons, we want to go south. Initially we were aiming for hawaii but that’s not going to happen this year. Lol maybe for our 15th

I would like to go somewhere a little off the beaten path. Romantic, but not to chi chi foo foo. Beaches are great. Some shopping not a lot though. And the biggest thing for us is food. The food has to be VERY good.

So tell me, where have you been? What would you recommend?


  1. I went to Myrtle Beach for my birthday in Feb last year. It wasn’t as warm as I hoped but we still went to the beach. If I could live off the beach, that would be my choice of living.

  2. We went to Savannah, GA for our anniversary a couple years ago and it was BEAUTIFUL. The food was the bomb and the markets were great too. Of course we had to go to Paula Dean’s restaurant ‘The Lady & Sons’ and we also visited her brother’s restaurant ‘Uncle Bubba’s’. Both were excellent. We got a really great deal on our hotel. I’ll try to find the info and send it to you later.

  3. I agree with Savannah Georgia. We have not gone yet but have gotten info on the area..wonderful. I also suggest San Antonio TX..LOVE IT! Its been some years but the food was great and the shopping YES. Lots of history and great places to take pics

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