Caps galore!

Here are pics of some hats I made for one of my twitter/blog friends.

I love the way the bubblegum pink looks 🙂

As a thank you I also sent a few diaper cloths for the baby 🙂

*** I’m going to list this hat in my etsy shop in case any of you are interested in getting one. ***


  1. You hare working hard over here. Cool hats and drooling over the embroidery… now you have me thinking about an embroidery machine again dagnamit….lol

  2. The hats are awesome and my daughter refuses to take the pink one off! Oh well, that gives me a few days off from combing hair. I could go on and on about how warm and comfy they are but instead, I’ll say thanks!
    **note to self, those heffas in the Pediatricians office really bucked their eyes when you took out the embroidered burp cloths….lol

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