It’s morninnnnnng….

… and we slept the night, awaaaaay….

LOVE that song lol

soooo. blogland How did you sleep? Anyone wake up in a bed that didn’t belong to them??! You can tell me I won’t noooobody lol


How was your weekend?


Mine was pretty good. My “big sister” came into town for the Saints game (WHO DAT!)It was good to spend time with family.

Today will be a busy day for me… I’ll be spending most of it in meetings.

Anywhoo… i’m trying to jumpstart my blogging…


Have a great one!


  1. I didn’t wake up singing that song, or in a bed I didn’t belong in…*deep sigh* I remember when though! Now I can’t get the song out of my head LMAOOOOO! Thanks Patrice! HAHAHA! Have a great week.

  2. Hey girl, good to see you! LOL The kids went to their people so I was childless for the weekend (except for the dog). I went bowling Saturday night and then went to see “Precious” yesterday afternoon with Love. I cried like a baby! It was so emotional! All in all, a good weekend.

  3. Ha! I managed to wake up in my own bed, next to a man I know and have a child with. I do wish I was put to sleep due to some raunchy sex but instead it was from pure exhaustion of us taking turns getting up with a teething 15 month old. Yea, such is life. LOL

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