brain dump

I am extremely blessed. This is one thing that I know for sure. I don’t take it for granted. I’m very grateful.

My middle sister is going to have another baby. I found out a couple weeks ago. This will be her fourth. Le sigh

My baby sister narrowly, NARROWLY escaped serious jail time. DEEP ASS SIGH

I need to call tech support for my laptop.. MAJOR issues lol I’ll have to send it in. I just don’t have time to sit on the phone with them.

Ian is my friend. I like hm. He’s my buddy

Wanna know what the worst thing ever is???? OK, lemme tell you… Waking up alone… HORNY AS HELL. That right there will mess your whole day up lol just saying

OMG, I have A LOT to do before Thursday. A LOT, but i’ll get it done.

Guess what I will be avoiding like the plague these next couple months???? THE MALL, THE GROCERY, WALMART, TARGET. I do not care to deal with rude people trying to buy gifts for people they don’t even like. Nerp, not the kid.

Lie To Me is a really good show… Don’t sleep on it.

I was told that I interview and present myself well…. Don’t let the ebonics fool ya 😉

I have a few goals for the remainder of the year… finish my sweater Mr. Greenjeans is at the top of the list!

aite… have a great one 🙂


  1. Yep you are @ blessed. Don’t forget it!!!

    Call and get your computer fixed lol.

    LOL@ worse thing ever lol.

    You did get it done! WOOHOO!

    LOL@ avoiding lol. jUst go at the right times and you will be good lol.

    Lie To Me IS good. I missed it MOnday and can’t remember why.

    You can do it @ sweater! LOL Just pick it up and KNIT! LOL

  2. I wish I could avoid it, but I work in it! I’m hitting Target @ 5am on Black Friday because I have to be at work at 6am! I use the holidays to shop for myself!

    I haven’t had to interview in the last 10 years and am probably horrible. After I hire you to topstitch, then I’m gonna get you to sit in for me during job interviews! LOL

  3. I have no plans of shopping on Black Friday unless I see something I really, really, REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLY want… a new vacuum. So lame right? lol

  4. I hate shopping for ANYTHING between Thanksgiving and New Years…Waaaaaaaay too many people for my taste.

    Ditto on those thoughts about waking up alone (HORNY) — You ain’t never lied girl!!!! —> NEVER LIED!!!! LOL

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