brain dump…

~ I’m reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, its off to a good start.

~ I have a 7 page paper to write on Information Technology. Gotta hit the bibliotecha for research.

~ I still haven’t touched mr. Greenjeans lol

~ I need a letter of recommendation

~ I want to change my polish… something bright and cheery.. maybe yellow

~ my thumb still hurts from when I slammed it in the door Thursday. OUCH

~ I’m missing my friends…

~ looking forward to eating for thanksgiving… not quite ready to cook for thanksgiving lol

~ need to write a 2page essay on pictures I took @ the graffitti wall.

~ my sex drive is through the roof right now… like Through. The. Roof *sigh*

~ he snores sooooo loud.. *sigh*

~ I wish there were a really good wordpress app for my phone. I don’t like the ones that are currently offered.

~ one of my guilty pleasures::: I want to work for diddy. LOVE IT! Lol
~ my goal in life… Be the best me I can be. Easy goal. Wanna know why? Bc that’s all I can be. That’s it. All I have to offer is me. May not be the right fit for everybody. But its all I got.

~ I need some new winter boots… might look online for some. Y’all KNOW I’m avoiding the malls until after the new year

~ I’m going to ummm BORROW some of ian’s freeze pops before I go to bed 🙂

Gnite! … well Gmorning… (just checked the time) lol


  1. I still don’t know what the name of that book is I just picked up. Need to check on that lol.

    Get to the library lol.

    LOL@ not being ready to cook.

    LOL Keeping Ian busy huh? LOL

    I haven’t watched Work for Diddy since I left from up there lol.

    LOL@ Borrow lol

  2. The book is okay. I just finished and I Loved it in the beginning and kinda hate it at the end. I don’t think it is the book fault, I think I stopped and restarted the book too many time and I don’t think I should of did that with a fast paced book, but school and life was calling. HOWEVER, this book has let me meet so many different people. I can’t tell you how many times I was stopped to have conversations about it.

    I LOVE yellow. I rocked it most of the summer. Girl get your mustard on!!

    I need(want)some new boots too.

  3. I just finished that Dan Brown book. It was pretty good. I have spent hours researching some of the stuff described in it.

    Ok, I’mma need you to slow down and take this list one by one. Just do one item, check it off and move to the next one. LOL

  4. Some thoughts:

    I love your goal. I need to adopt it. I’ve never been great but for some reason good was never enough. I have to learn to accept that I am NOT perfect!

    Winter boots: I can’t do online shoes. I mean, maybe I could but I’m too lazy/cheap to have to send the things back! And it’s likely I would because my feet/calves are difficult. And of course, I can’t find anything I like/thatfits/that I can afford! in person. Le sigh.

    I’m going to be cooking, after NOT having done T’giving dinner in YEARS. Good luck.

  5. *waves* hello. I’m just getting around to my blog reading… this new gig keeps me busy busy busy!

    Mr. greenjeans? are we making a green pair of jeans?

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