peak/pitt 12.9.09

Deleting friend request from will. Soooooo not interested.. no not at all!

Pitt:: not taking into account shipping cost. It hurt my bottom line.

My goals for today were
to not use the F word… I did REALLY well. I didn’t catch myself saying it all today! I said some other 4letter words though. Lol
Excercise with billy n em for 30mins.. that didn’t happen, used having to answer the phone as an excuse to cop out @ 15mins.
Start the day with god.. – did start the day with him.. but my prayers and qt was unfocused and distracted.
Do something nice for ian.. I’m not sure if I did anything that he would consider NICE. Sooo I’m thinking I need to revisit this goal.

Positives:: did really well staying positive today. Stayed on task with my to do list. I didn’t complete the whole list but considering the interruptions I did really well.

Negatives:: almost let adrienne AND ian snatch my joy..almost.. must work on keeping focused whn the enemy is using my friends…

Goals for tomorrow…
Start the day with god. Focused and undistracted.
Excercise 30mins
Fix breakfast b4 I leave
No f bombs
Keeping my joy and staying positive.
Do somthing to make ian smile.

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