peak/pitt 12.10.09

Peak:: finishing school

Pitt:: getting into it with adrienne

My goals for today were
to not use the F word:: caught myself saying it twice out of anger.

Excercise with billy n em for 30mins:: did 25mins, improvement but no cigar

Start the day with god:: began the day w prayer and scripture. When I caught myself angry I read the word. Definite improvement.

Positives:: dealt with my anger with prayer and didn’t allow the negative to ruin my day.

Negatives:: lost my frame of mind and allowed myself to be angered easily.

Goals for tomorrow…
Start the day with god. Focused and undistracted.
Excercise 30mins
Fix breakfast for ian
No f bombs
Keeping my joy and staying positive in spite of!!!

…. must learn not to allow others attitudes/tones to rub off on me. I could tell by her voice she wasn’t having a good day. So knowing that, I should have expected her to try and steal my joy. (Seems to be a pattern). Don’t fall for it. Don’t let the devil use the ppl u love to suck u in to a negative frame of mind.

This time was a mistake. Next time you gotta do better.

YOU control your emotions. NOONE can make you feel some kinda way.

Don’t let people control your emotional state. You control you.

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