peak/pit 12.12.09

Peak:: had a some good qt with ian. Nice chat about my changes. And how happy I’ve been in the past few days.

Pitt:: didn’t take care of everything on my to do list.

My goals for today were
to not use the F word:: today was a bad day for the f word lol gots to do better!

Excercise with billy n em for 30mins:: did 32minutes! Whooo

Start the day with god:: began the day w prayer and scripture, but I read after I excercised. I need to downlaod a bible app on my phone.

Positives:: had a good day with ian. No fussing or being snippy. 

Negative:: nothing really

Goals for tomorrow…
Start the day with god. Focused and undistracted.
Excercise 30mins
No f bombs
Keeping my joy and staying positive in spite of!!!
*make it through my to do list*