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Lata folks

Sooo let’s chat

2009 has been a year of transition. Booooy has it been a year of transition. One day imma tell y’all all about it, but for now, just know that I’m coming out with my hands up!

What do you do when you have ZERO mojo? I just feel idle!! Lol me no likey idle

When you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see… its time to change some things.

This christmas will be laidback and chill. we usually have laid back christmas. It’s not our birthday lol. Jesus is the reason, for the season 🙂 we learned a looooong time ago not to go in debt buying christmas gifts. We only buy for those closest to us. And lately it’s been more me taking my time to make something for those closest to us.

Speaking of making stuff! I made a quilt for one of my old coworkers babies. His wife had the baby last month sometime. Can someone please tell me why I’m still riding around with the quilt in my car? Yea, I’ve made numerous attempts to meetup half way, go out to the house and drop off, meet him at his job… and yet it’s still in my car. It will be donated to the goodwill. I just don’t think I should have to do all that to GIVE you something. Lol

Ummm I just started getting my subscription to lucky! Whooo

I want to make wardrobes using the following color schemes::
Red/yellow/navy blue
Lt/drk Purple/white
Now I need to 1. Buy fabric in those colors. 2. Sew up all the fabric I bought in chicago.

I want to make an apron for myself 🙂 whooo

I think I’m ready for spring. Yup I know winter just started, but I’m ready for spring.

Ummmm i ‘m BORED lol

My closets are organized via ROY G BIV

I checked the mail earlier and ummmmmm NO mail. YAY no bills BOO no good mail either! Lol

TAEBO is from the devil! Ok not really, but I have the urge to slap the fool outta billy everytime he says Get those knees up!

Aite.. ian should be leaving work in a few minutes.. I’ve missed him today. A lot.


  1. I like your brain dumb style. I sometimes feel guilty posting like that but it always feels good to let it out.

    2009 was transitional for me too, as well as adjusting to transitions made in 2008. It’s still a work in progress, as always. I know what you mean about see stuff you want to make but not ‘feeling’ up to. I’m slowly breaking out of that though, finishing up projects before I delve into others..(Or so I say!). Though I love my handknit winter items, I do NOT LIKE WINTER. I know. I’m weird. 🙂 Peace and Blessings!

  2. You’ve done very well with your transitions 🙂

    Nooooooooo @ Idle! LOL

    True@ Change 🙂

    He still don’t have that quilt!?

    I’m thinking about spring wardrobes too. ALREADY lol.

    The girls and I still haven’t made our aprons. Maybe during the Christmas break? LOL

    Awww @ missed him.

  3. YES Billy will make you want to go upside his head, but he is good for you. When I am stressed, he knows how to work it out. How bout when he say, come on a little higher, yeah you at home – WHAT!

    I too vote for Spring now. I was saying this morning, this will be the LONGEST couple of months coming up. Dreading it!

    I want a homemade apron. I asked Anger Mgmt if she could make me one. She said, didn’t we buy you one a year ago. Um, yes, but I want her to make it. I am thinking it will be a cold day in hell before I get that damn apron from her.

    And Christmas, you know how we do in our house. Here is your cashola and go out spend what you got and that it is and that is all!

    Dang, look I wrote a whole journal page in the comment section and can’t even write on my own blog. dang shame.

    Have a good one and CONGRATS again with all them A’s. Nice to see a strong, black, chica getting it in!!

  4. I agree about you not having to chase him down. I hate when people feel you should go out of your way to do THEM a favor!

  5. Billy and I have a date for the new year and I am not looking forward to seeing his sweaty behind either, but I am ready to hear the inspiration words and see my gut disappear!

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