peak/pit 12.14.09

Peak:: picking a place for my birthday that’ll be within our budget and spent with my best friend.

Pitt:: losing the mailbox/basement key

My goals for today were
to not use the F word:: no f bombs today 🙂

Excercise with billy n em for 30mins:: 50mins!!

Start the day with god:: began the day w prayer and scripture. 1 peter 3… good scripture

Regarding my attitude::

Positives:: my response to the key situation. I remained calm and found a solution and got replacements

Negative:: I tuned ian out today for no good reason.. gotta do better.

Goals for tomorrow…
Start the day with god. Focused and undistracted.
Excercise 40mins
No f bombs, no S words
Keeping my joy and staying positive in spite of!!!
*make it through my to do list* except vita

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