peak/pitt 12.19.09

Peak:: getting ians gift in the mail and getting approved*I think* for unemployment

Pitt:: non really

My goals for today were
to not use the F or S word:: this was such a bust today. I was telling a story about my dad and that killed it lol. Although relaying stories shouldn’t count. Hmm

Excercise with billy n em for 40mins::  walked to target walgreens and the post office. Might not have taken 40mins.. but then again. The walk there/back/and around the stores.. and I prolly exceeded that time. My back certainly feels like it. Those snow boots are heavy!

Start the day with god:: began the day w prayer and scripture.

::Regarding my attitude::

Positives:: today was a good day

Negative:: none 🙂

Goals for tomorrow…
Start the day with god. Focused and undistracted.
Excercise 30mins (since I’m changing the tape)
No f bombs, no S words
Keeping my joy and staying positive in spite of!!!
*make it through my to do list* except vita

Personal request from god

Phoebe, ian, aidan, zoe:: our babies.. 2 @ a time is fine:) all happy and healthy.
A baby for zanete and andre.
Unemployment to go through **I think it’s gone through, waiting on confirmation 12.19.09**.
Enough money to be comfortable.
Enough food to be satisfied
Increase for boutique patrice and pampered by adrienne.
Me making it back to bff status with ian

Clear boundaries btwn my marriage with ian and the friendship with adrienne**talked to adrienne about this today and seems like we are on the same page12.19.09**

acceptance for the consortium in charlotte
Favor and grace with the taxes on the car/tags
Grace and mercy with outstanding bills.
Healthy pregnancy for adrienne cousin
Adrienne and tony reconciliation
Oscille smooth transition into a military wife/household
Direction/guidance/protection/and small favors for ian.

**ill add to this list and take stuff away as god makes things happen*some things will be ongoing.*