peak/pitt 12.25.09

Peak:: spending the day with ian and seeing the princess frog

Pitt:: feeling slighted by adrienne not sharing pics of the kids with their gifts

My goals for today
to not use the F or S word:: not sure if I cussed or not. I don’t remember doing it though

Excercise 30 mins:: no excercise at all

Start the day with god:: began the day w prayer.. read a scripture a minute ago. Didn’t quite understand it.. but the gist of it was god will restore!

::Regarding my attitude::
Positive:: was able to stop projecting my frustration with adrienne onto ian. After he made a point in the kitchen lol
Negative:: that I allowed my frustration to show at all.

Goals for tomorrow…
Start the day with god. Focused and undistracted.
Excercise 30mins (since I’m changing the tape)
No f bombs, no S words
Keeping my joy and staying positive in spite of!!!
*make it through my to do list* except vita

Personal request from god

Phoebe, ian, aidan, zoe:: our babies.. 2 @ a time is fine:) all happy and healthy.
A baby for zanete and andre.
Enough money to be comfortable.
Enough food to be satisfied
Increase for boutique patrice/pampered by adrienne
Me making it back to bff status with ian
Favor and grace with the taxes on the car/tags and the tickets.
Grace and mercy with outstanding bills.
Healthy pregnancy for adrienne cousin
Adrienne and tony reconciliation
Oscille smooth transition into a military wife/household
Direction/guidance/protection/and small favors for ian.

**ill add to this list and take stuff away as god makes things happen*some things will be ongoing.*