peak/pit sorta

Today was particularly rough

I was faced with pages and pages of ian and adrienne communicating from sun up to sun down.
Deep down I knew ian wasn’t trying to hit on the slick. But still they were doing way too much for my comfort level. Like way.

Ian apologized. She apologized. I sat on it and thought it through. Boundaries were established. Everyone is on the same page. No phone conversations. And drastically cut back on the txting.

Some people are in ur life for a season. And at this point I don’t feel like my season with her is up. Maybe she may forever be present. But if something like this comes up again, or if I find she’s lied to me about something. I doubt I even try to talk it out. It’ll just be over. No trying to make amends.

Ian is my husband, my love, my friend. What we have is special. And I refuse to allow anyone or anything come between us. He’s my dude, I got his back and he got mine. Were in this for the long hall. Together.

Adrienne is my friend. Love her dearly but I will cut her off so quick if I feel like she’s interfering with what ian and I have fought to establish.
She’s a friend that I’m glad I have but today things changed. And I clearly see where to draw the line at with her.

Boundaries are not a bad thing. At all. And I’m glad that we were able to establish some boundaries. Hopefully this won’t be something that has to be revisited.

God I’m am thankful that you’re spirit urges me to check phones/minutes. I thank you for allowing this situation to arise so that boundaries can be made clear. I thank you that their was no resistance on either part. That ian stepped up to put an end to it b4 I had to say anything. Thank you god for 2nd chances and forgivness. U forgave so imma forgive. I thank you god for being who u are. The MAN that holds it all together. I love you. In jesus name.. amen