2010 goals

* cook a new meal once a week. Profile it on my blog as a measure of accountability.

* continue to do my part in making my home a warm and welcome place for me and Ian.

* be financially responsible. Save @ least $100 of every unemployment check and $40 from ians checks.

* be a woman that Ian can be proud to call his wife.

Boutique Patrice::
* Once a week, do something to promote my business locally.
~hair salons
~bridal shops
~nail salons
~boutiques (delmar & washington)

* do a blog/twitter/facebook give away
~march, june, september, december

*Participate in at least 2 craft fairs

*Host @ least 2 spa parties
~1 thrown by me
~1 thrown by someone else

* Prepare for holidays in advance
~mothers day
~sweetest day
~fathers day*

*anniversary and birthday gift sets

*Once a month promote a new embroidery project.

*quality not quantity
*sew coordinating pieces
*sew a button down shirt for ian
*post my sewing reviews on pattern review

*knit 3 tops
*knit 3 pair of socks. 1 for ian, 2 for me
*knit 2 sets of winter gear. one casual, one young & fun
*knit 1 pair of boots

*4.0 each semester going forward
*apply for at least 3 scholarships