everything but the kitchen sink…

everything but the kitchen sink…Not sure how to start this post seeing how its been a couple of weeks since the last one. Guess I needed a break. *shrugs*

So let’s play catch up

Phone…I went through 3 phones in less than 2 weeks. In the process of changing phones. All of my contact information (email, phone, & mailing addresses), google reader subscriptions, task lists, saved/starred/archived emails were lost. Like poof disappeared. Gone. I was SICK! Technology had me fooled, I now back EVERYTHING up. I’d advise you all to do the same. It’s no fun trying to get all that info back.

School… started last week 🙂 so far so good. I’ve only spent $280 on books. This is excellent saying I’m taking 5 classes again. I’m looking forward to pulling a 4.0 again. It’s also scholarship app time, hopefully I can win a few! Free money is good money lol

Boutique Patrice… thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in what I do, offered a kind word of support, or whispered a prayer. I appreciate it 🙂

Budgets… ian and I sat down and adjusted our budget. It got tense for a second lol but we worked it out. Trust when I say, I wouldn’t mind being independently wealthy! Lol budgets are for busters (but you do what you gotta do!)

Purchases… I sooooooooo want to buy a serger. I am itching to get one. ITCHING. Like I do not want to sew until I get one. I’ve tried to sew and so far I have 2 unfinished projects, lol. Looking forward to have that professional finish.  Soooooon

Cooking… one of my goals is to expand my cooking repertoire (did I spell that right?. Been cooking more, tried a couple new dishes. But you know what?? I NEED new pots and pans. I WANT new dishes lol

Hubby… I love him to pieces. He’s a really good guy.

And that’s about it, what’s been going on with you??

Oh! And if I had ur information (especially your blog addresses) and you want me to have it again, leave a comment or email me 🙂



  1. Since you broke it down, I’ll break it down too. 🙂

    Phone. I don’t use my phone extensively, it’s just for calling, but I WILL write the numbers and info I have in there down. Good call.

    School. OUCH! $280? Well for 5 classes and counting in inflation, yeah, I guess that’s not too bad. Just keep going for that 4.0. I bet you can do it again and again!

    Boutique… You’re welcome. It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting into soapmaking myself so I guess I’ll just have to keep buying! Hee.

    Budgets. Umm. no comment. I don’t know how we manage.. I don’t think a budget has ever worked for us. We just make sure we don’t overdraft.

    Serger. Craigslist for cheap? Garage sales.. Something will pop up. Just keep looking.

    Cooking. I know what you mean about wanting to try new things. And yes, you spelled repertoire correctly. 😉 I’d like a new set of dishes too. But A friend gave me some cool pieces and I’m happy with that.

    Hubby. We are blessed with our men, huh? 🙂

    Peace and Blessings to you, Patrice! 🙂


  2. Yay! I started school this week too. Spent $299 on book, and I only have two classes…hmmm…

    I’m shooting for a 4.0 too! B’s are for Busters! lol

  3. Hey girl, havent been checking blogs lately. Sorry to hear about your phone. Good that you got everything back. As for cooking, The Fam instructed me that they too are tired of me cooking the same old thing so I bought the Pioneer Woman cookbook and I am breaking out the old Patti Labelle cookbook too. I’ll show them, but first, I too need new pots. I made a list so when I get my income tax return, I will be going to Marshall’s to get some good stuff on the super cheap! Hugs to you and yours xoxo

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