another quickie

  • I loved zumba, I will definitely go back. It’s fun, the kind of fun where you don’t realize you’re sweating like a pig until you’re 40 minutes into it. lol
  • Boutique Patrice was has 2 events coming up! I’ll share more as the dates approach 🙂 In the meantime, ill be getting my candle making ON! lol I’m trying to grow my business yall.
  • I need a new recipe to try this week. Any suggestions? So far, my favorite new meal is a chicken/broccoli/rice casserole, yummmmy
  • the bible says somewhere in proverbs, let your yes be yes and your no be no.
  • I am still in the search for a church home. I miss Beacon Light soooooo bad. I hear tale that Bishop Brister is back in new orleans permanently. looking forward to visiting the next time I go home.  In the meantime, I gotta keep my knees bent, stay prayed up. Thank God for having a solid spiritual foundation.
  • how many of you are working in the area that you studied in college? Following your passion? What’s holding you back if your aren’t?

Thats it yall…

have a good wednesday


  1. Glad you like zumba even though you sweat lol.


    Patrice don’t eat anything, so just suggest breakfast food and she will try it lol.

    That verse is Matthew 5:37 one I try and teach the kids… Say what you mean and mean what you say lol.

    I’m not @ working lol. Yep @ following my passion lol.

  2. I can find out about Bishop Brister he and my cousin are very good friends.. I will ask him where the bishop is currently preaching

  3. Yaay Patrice!! @ two additional events coming up. You know I wish lots of sales to you..LOTSSSSS
    You should take a look at The Pioneer Woman for recipes..I think she’s awesome(remember the chocolate cake) yummo!
    What are your likes (food) I can only remember you eating candy:(
    I hope you find a church home that you will fill home in and learn at the same time (I just did and I loooove it). Oh yea, I’m glad you enjoyed your jumanji class..teehee

  4. I have been looking into a zumba class here but havent done it yet….i found one last year but ended up taking a belly dance class (LOVED it) instead but I want something out the box for exercise….

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