Actions speak so much louder than words. SO FREAKING MUCH LOUDER.

When you say you love someone but you treat people who supposedly mean nothing to you with grand greetings and inquiries about their day and wishing them the best. but when you speak to the one you love you are cut and dry then it makes me wonder how you really feel.

The worst feeling in the world is when you know you’re not wanted. when the person you love treats you like an option and something to do in their past time THAT SHIT FUKCING HURTS

when what you SAY contradicts your ACTIONS. why bother in the 1st place.

I may not always have the right words to explain how i feel. I may not always be ablt to pinpoint the exact action thats being done to make me feel a certain way. I may be hypersensitve BUT dammit if i love you and care about you I cant allow you to just treat me any ole kinda way and not say something about it.,

i make mistakes. i hate change, i hate to be wrong but when my actions be they intentional or not cause the people i love to hurt I will DO evertything in my power to stop that.

my feelings are so hurt so hurt.
when you give your best and its not good enough and dpesnt seem to be appreciated and poep;e treat people who supposedly mean nothting to them in a more congenial manner than they treat you. it hurts REALKLY badly.

i have not been perfect i have lied, i have caused pain, i have been a bitch but i have also forgiven myself and have put my best foot forward into making my relationshops work.

when i love i love hard. when i hiurt it hurts me to my core.
my circle is small and its small by choice. i give all i have to those i love and i want thte same thing in return . i cant accept less than that becaeuse i deserve it.
you dont wake upo in the morning and greet your kids or husband with a dry ass hello and then turn around and greet the fucking neighbor witha huge hello and fucking cup of coffee. if you do your prioritues are out of order.
if im gonna be in a relationship i gotta be a priority


  1. That’s it! Thanks for writing and posting this, it helped me see something that I have been dealing with very very clearly. My feelings are hurt. I have been feeling some kinda way lately and now I get it. I have been saying well maybe it’s just me. Telling myself I’m over it, that I am placing my expectations on them. While some of that may be true, there is also an element of truth to the simple fact that what was done and how it was done, hurt my damn feelings. Plan and Simple!

    PaTrice I feel you soooooo much on this here post…

  2. I could’ve written this VERBATIM!!! {{HUGS}} to you if you are still hurting and a “CHILE BOO” to whoever is the offending party 🙁

  3. Trice, believe me, I have been there many times over and that is why he and I are not together. I don’t know who you are directing this too and I really hope it isnt Ian, but I will say prayers for your heart to be healed and the offending party to be healed and enlightened as well. (((hugs)))

  4. PREACH!! Youhave every right to feel the way you feel. I have a limited circle too and if your in that circle, I expect so much more from you and it does hurt when you treat me like shizznit and yet you jump for crap.

  5. I need you to get out of my head, Patrice! This right here is everything I’ve been holding in for a few months. Suppose I should write about it. Hope that you find strength to resolve the situation as best as you see fit. ((Hugs))

  6. *Hugssssss To my girl* Sometimes we just need to get that shit off our breast and you hit it dead on! IT may sound selfish and self centered but I don’t know how to be anything but a priority and if I’m not then deuces! I hope you’re feeling better and have a good weekend!

  7. Someone once said, never treat anyone as a priority, when you’re only an option… or something along these lines…

    Something I’ve learned the hard way. Actions do speak MUCH louder than words.

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