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Another sheath dress


  1. I love your use of prints. Yeah we’ve seen this one before but it’s great as always. If you have something that works for you I say go with it.

    Have you checked my blog yet? I haven’t seen any replies from you. I miss ya!


  2. You call me Ms. Carolyn one more time and I’m driving to St. Louis to discuss this with you!

    This version is really great too! And you are sewing up a storm and making some awesome pieces!!!

    1. Girl – you look good in that dress! Thanks for adding the pics of you wearing it.

      …and the Ms thing makes me feel old! That’s how I addressed my grandmama’s friends…and I just know y’all ain’t calling me old! ROTFLOL!

  3. Lol.

    I call her Ms. Carolyn too, but it is because we were raised in New Orleans. I love this dress you and Adrienne find the best prints.

    Can I ask a favor, you and I have similar body types and I would like to see the dress on you. I want to see if I can wear a sheath dress since there is a drastic difference between bust and waist.

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