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Operation Build A Bra:





My plan to make my boobies happy one stitch at a time. 🙂

I dismantled an old bra that didn’t have the greatest fit. My hopes are with a little tweaking here and there I can build a bra that will end my expensive trips to layne bryant. Foreverrrrrr lol

What I’ve done so far:

Cut bra in half *cut on fold when sewing*

Detached strap from front bra cup (sewn down w zigzag stitch)

Removed underwire (3/8″ wide 13″ long covered and curved)

Flipped strap inside out to remove facing/padding

Detached side/back piece from cup (1/4″ SA)

Detached strap from back (strap has d ring, back side is slipped through d-ring and sewn down with zigzag stitch)

Remove clasp from end of back piece (attached with zigzag)

Elastic attached to underarm (7.5″), side back( 4.5″), bottom edge (14.5) *cut 2 pieces of underarm and side back piece* *cut bottom band on fold*

Next up…
Cut out “pattern”
Cut out fabric (using scraps of knit)
Sew baby sew!


  1. Wow. This post intimidats me, lol. How do you plan on improving on the fact that the original bra didn’t fit great in the first place?

    I love my Layne Bryant bras and will pay them whatever they ask, lol.

  2. I can’t wait to see the results! I’ve never seen a person make a bra before. *sigh* I want your skills.. I’d never shop again 🙂

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